Monday, December 14, 2009


I went and took my Compass test. The one to see where I stand in the smarts department.

Let's do the good news first OK?

I got the highest score possible on reading and comprehension. That was 99%
On writing I got an 89%. I had to correct grammar and if you have been reading this blog for any length of time then you might know that grammar is not a super strong point with me. Good thing that there was not a spelling test!

Now on to the math. I was not so hot in that department. I got a 43%. Which really, I was surprised by as I guessed on almost all the questions! The set up was a math problem and then I could pick A,B,C, or D. They should have had E. Eat ear wax?. That was pretty much what I thought all the answers should be. They asked question about planes, slopes, integrators? Something like that. I was giggling out loud on some of the questions as I was so, so so not getting it. Like this one
If A = 2 then (3y x -7(11a.[ xy+9x-15](insert square root symbol here)64=? ( also add some of them "to the 10th power" stuff in that )
My answer- Eat ear wax?

There were some fractions and those I could do. They gave me a calculator and I was shown how to use the fraction button on it. That helped. It's OK though. I will go into the "introduction to collage math" class and learn the basics and I will get credit for it. I also can get a tutor (free) that can help me with understanding some math concepts.


  1. Am no surprised on your reading - it's always amazed me how fast you read and retain (just like Taylor).
    Ugh on the math - doubt I would have even done that good - am at a loss to help Taylor on her math most of time!!

  2. Oh dear, I'm sure I would have drawing a blank on the math too.

  3. Math was my lowest on the test too! I had to start with the basics as well. Don't feel bad...

  4. ha ha ha ha I like your made-up math question. I would hate to take a test at my age, I'm sure I'd do about the same. Bone-head math is not such a bad thing - won't it be nice to learn from the beginning and not have to move 3x in the middle of that class and start all over?

  5. "Eat ear wax" sounds like a good answer to me! I did fine in math until they took away some of the numbers and inserted letters. Numbers are numbers and letters are letters, why combine them?

  6. Congratulations on taking the Compass test. I'm proud of you for taking the first step towards a higher education.

    PS. I was never good in math either.

  7. WAy to go, Krissy !!! Outstanding reading and comprehension scores ... and the math will be easily fixable enough so you can get the degree/certificate you want... Colleges want their students to succeed if for nothing else than the student tuition payment. STudents keep the college in existence ... take advantage of the tutoring and decrease your own struggle with the math... Good Job !


  8. When I went back to school I had to start at the basics. Even after school its hard to remember. Kena's bringing home work that I have to really sit and think about.
    Great Job!!!!

  9. Hey - Where's Tue/Wed posts - I count on reading them daily and on time!!!