Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Smells good.

I have been busy in the kitchen this afternoon. The below picture, it may not look like a yummy treat but it is. It's not very photogenic is it? It's spiced pecans. I make an egg white wash and add sugar and spices and then bake the pecans. They get nice and crunchy. If I was just making them for myself, I would add some cayenne pepper and then it would be spicy sweet and spicy hot. But they are for giving out as gifts so I just spiced them with cinnamon and a hint of clove and nutmeg.This is sea foam candy. When it cools it will sink a little bit and I will whack it with something and break it up into small pieces and then dip them into chocolate. This is pretty easy to make. Just bring sugar,corn syrup and vinegar to the hard crack stage and then add baking soda and stir like crazy as it foams up real fast, pour it out. Cool it, break it up and cover in chocolate. This is also going to be given out as gifts.
I don't know how time got away from me but I was looking at the calender and that's when I realized that I have NOT DONE THE CHRISTMAS CARDS! So I'm going to do them tonight and get them in the mail tomorrow.
I also have goat milk thawing as I'm going to make a batch of soap tonight. This soap will be orange with corn meal. It will be a bar of soap to have at the kitchen sink so that you can scrub the onion smell off your hands. The orange essential oil I got is made for cold processed soap. Which is the kind I make. It's called 5X fold. Very strong scent. I'm hoping that this one will stay citrus smelling unlike the grapefruit and lime blends. We shall see.


  1. yummy!! I'm thinking about making caramel popcorn. I know you dont like popcorn. I got some of my cards done last week when my boss was gone :-)
    but still have more to do. I got the box of soap.. I love the packaging. Bill is using the Bay scent now. He likes it!

  2. Those pecans look so good. What an interesting recipe.

    Your orange and cornmeal soap sounds great. I think I've bought that one from you and really liked it.

  3. Those pecans do look good! I'm so glad I got my cards done and sent last week - it's amazing how busy everything gets before the Holidays!

  4. Those pecans look good, yum.

    My grandma used to make sea foam candy and I used to love it, but I have never tried making it.

  5. Yummy on the pecans, I think you should put the cayenne in some of the ones you give as gifts.....

    Love the new soap idea. I will send you an order. When will they be available for shipment???

  6. oooohh my favorite, sea foam candy. I might make some too. and your spiced nuts look good enough to eat. I miss getting your goodies.

  7. Janice, the Orange Scrub wont be ready till end of Jan. It has to cure for a bit.

  8. I am now going to really miss you this christmas as I will not be getting any pecans rats!!!! I guess I will just have to learn how to do it myself after I get done with the remodel of the kitchen. And I never got any seafoam candy (not to mention never heard of it) so now I will go bug PakArt for some as she said she might be making some. You may not be missing the winters in Alaska but some of us are missing you. Keep petting your best friends. I'm sorry you lost Teeny Tiny Tina I think of her too.....She had a much better life with you than she was having in the way up north ARCTIC winters.

  9. Thanks for the post - was having withdrawls!!! Pecans look yummy. Be sure and post pic of finished seafoam candy. Can't wait for orange/oatmeal soap to be ready. Hold off sending me Tea Tree until have more orders.

  10. Hey just came across 3 blogspots on
    PW site that you might want to check out:


  11. Oooh! Let me know how the soap turns out! I need me something that will get the layers of clay dirt off my hands! Or, I'll have to learn to wear gloves, which I don't really care for.

    PS Aunt Krissy, I've got me a line on a small herd of nubians. Their people are moving to the city and are looking to give them away. Keep your fingers crossed for me!