Friday, January 22, 2010

Book Club and some fun.

Who is this mystery woman?

I belong to a book club. We meet every month on the 3rd Thursday. I choose the book that the club reviewed this time. It was called " A Long Way Gone" by Ishmael Bech. He lived in Sierra Leone and was 12 when the village that he lived in was attacked. He was not in the village when it happened. He was at a talent show in another village. His mother, father and siblings were killed. He, with his friends that had also gone to the talent show then spent some time going from village to village trying to stay ahead of the rebels. I think he was 13 when he and his friends were caught and forced to serve in the rebel army (R.U.F.) There, with the R.U.F. he was given drugs and it was pretty much kill others or you will be killed. When he was 15 he was taken in by UNICEF and there he got help and finally sent to U.S.A. He's now in college working on getting a degree. ( Not sure in what.)

We all thought that the book was very interesting, sad that children were used that way and glad that he's now here in the U.S.A. I would recommend the book. It's a real eye opener on how other countries value children.

The fun part was that we had a guest after the book club met. We had local Wisconsin author, Victoria Houston as a guest, she talked to us and others, about how she got into writing and gave advice on how to go about writing and getting a book published. Her books are set in the North Woods of Wisconsin. They are mysteries and they are all OK for my Mom to read. No graphic sex, no gruesome murders or foul language. And no, I have not read her.....yet. I have a whole stack of books that I need to read first. My book club group all seem to enjoy her books. They are on the waiting list for her next one.
P.S. Yes, I sat next to the guy I like.


  1. Oh, Krissy!! Lucky you - did your heart go pitter patter?

  2. I enjoyed hearing about your book club and meeting with the author. Sounds like she gave some really good advice. I tried my hand at songwriting and choreography on my blog.....not for real.

  3. Did your palms get all sweaty? Tee hee. But seriously, that book sounds interesting. It just breaks my heart when I hear of how other people abuse kids.

  4. The book club meeting sounds very interesting.

    Glad to hear you sat beside him! Now I am wondering if he walked you to your car?

    Instigator Annie, lol

  5. how did you get the author to come to your book club? does she live in your town? I'm going to check her out at the library. Yeh.. I want to know if he walked you to your truck too!!


  6. Wow, Krissy that's an awesome picture (hee, hee). Hey, you forgot to show the "spread."

  7. To all those that want to know. No he did not. I was cleaning up,putting chairs away and stuff like that. I was in another office and when I got back he was gone.

    Also the pic is from the boss. She was smart and thought to bring a camara.

    The author lives north of us by a few hours drive. The library paid for her time.