Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This and that.

Here's a picture of the table at the fair that I was at this past Saturday. I'm going to have to get some more cloth. This one was a little short. I think that I will get some dark green and I will figure something out. And I thought that I would show a picture of the kittens when they are being all sweet and not pestering me. Just so you now. I hate that couch now. I liked it when I first got it at Sally's but I am tired of it. It also it starting to look grungy from the dog getting on it.

I had my 2nd writing class today. It went fine. I can tell you that school and homework are going to cut in to my reading big time! Not sure if I like that at all. I made 2 batches of soap this evening. I really like making soap. It's relaxing for me. Not sure why but it is.
Oh, and the girl that was a soft talker and a mumbler? We are still in the same pod thing and she did not mumble and she spoke louder. Maybe she was having 1st day jitters.


  1. I love the pic of the kitties sleeping.

    So you won't be reading as much? Does this mean my library circulation numbers will go down?

  2. Are you the one who keeps the library circulation numbers up? Better keep reading, you guys need the funding!

    Kitties are cute sweet angels. They don't look troublesome at all. I think you are faking it.

    Dark green would be good choice. Remember when we had that lace cloth over it at our craft bazaars. That might be a nice touch for the ladies.

  3. I like Patty's idea of lace tablecloth over darker solid. The eagle flew today so will be sending you a check off. What new scents do you have ready?? Are you going to send me samples in little containers for all your soaps so I can send to Scentsy gal to see if she wants to sell??

  4. Yea krissy! Glad you had a good second class. I know what you mean about doing extra stuff and not being able to read as much.

  5. Hope you enjoy your classes and you'll still have a little time for fun reading. I'd go bonkers without that.

    Nice kitties, all cute and cuddly.

  6. I think a darker cloth would be good too.. it would show off the bars better? Bill gave a bar to our neighbor who is having skin issues. Will see what he has to say. Also, I'm thinking you should put your site address on the labels so people can go on-line to order! I know you can google it, but if its readily available, it might be easier!

  7. How are the "girls" doing?? Haven't seen any pics/comments on them in awhile.