Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2nd Class

Don't know how that class went! I drove 5 mile over the speed limit so that I would not be late and there on the door was a big sign that read " Class canceled due to illness" So I wasted time and gas for nothing. But that really was OK. I did my homework for the Writing class.

We had to hand write ( Oh, she will be sorry for that when she gets mine! That will learn her!) information about our past writing classes, concepts that we learned in them, did we like or loathe writing class and how are we going to build on past successes and avoid past failures.
Concepts? What's that? I said I learned I before E and something about C? Is that a concept? Also that I did not get any enjoyment out of writing back in school. But now that I blog that I was finding the joy in writing again. And some other stuff.

I almost killed Harvey tonight. He hide under the bed, which was very very wise of him. I bought some roast beef for sandwiches and when my back was turned he was on the counter trying to bite the bag open! I grabbed my keys and threw them at him, hit him with the keys and chased him in to the bedroom. I then shut the door and did some deep breathing. We have made up. I am going to have to set out mouse traps on the counters. I hate that cause you have to get the old fashion kind so that little paws can get snapped. (Insert evil laughter here ) Only thing, fingers get snapped when setting them. (Insert your choice of curse word here)

Good Night.


  1. I would guess i before e except after c is a spelling "help". It's not always right. Hurray for Harvey! He's a smart little kitty. Roxy is tricky like that, when you are mad at her she disappears and won't come near you for a swift kick.

  2. Have not tried it, but heard if you put foil on your counters that cats won't get up there as they don't like the feel (same for in planted pots they like to poop in). If using mouse traps, will you cover them with a lot of newspaper so won't catch their paws and instead just scare them??
    Did you share any of your roast beef with him later??!!

  3. I used a squirt gun. You gotta be quick and stay on your toes, but it sure worked on any house cats we had.

  4. Spray bottle with water would work too... you can make it spray long or you can make it spray wide... better chance of getting the target. Gertie hides out now just at the sight of the spray bottle. BUT ... she still barks and barks.. but she's more clever about it. She waits until I'm sitting in my Lazy Girl and she knows I don't want to come chase her... Sorta like when my children knew I was on the phone. They'd get into all sorts of stuff but I know none of the S. girls ever did something like that! ;o)

  5. Besides foil, there's this contraption called a Scat Mat. You lay it out on your counter and if they jump up there, they'll get a tiny, disconcerting vibration to their paws. Very quickly they learn to stay off the counters!

    I need one for Merlin. His poor melted, mush brain hasn't taught him that "Mommy" gets upset when he gets on the counters.