Monday, January 18, 2010

1st Day.

Today was the 1st day of going back to school. I had an 8am Written communication class. There are about 20 of us? I'm not really sure as I did not do a head count. I might be the oldest in the class but not by much. I could tell that there were some of us more mature types in the class.

One of the things that the teacher has us do was break into small groups of 4 and 5. In my little pod ( That's what they are called in class ) there was one girl that was already making me cranky. I can't abide a mumbler and besides that, she was a soft talker! I told her to speak up. Next week I might tell her to stop mumbling. I found myself leading the small group. I think it was 1. I'm older. 2. I paid a lot of money to learn and I want to learn, so if I have to be bossy so that we get the job done, so be it.

In the pod we had to discuss what hybrid meant and explain in a complete sentence how it applied to the class. This is because our class is a hybrid. We meet 2 days a week in a room and then we will also have online meetings and doing group projects online.

The 1st hour went by fast. When I got home I did my homework and then took a nap. The homework was that we had to go online and do a self introduction to the class. Then we will have to read each others intro and ask question and reply. It's all part of written communications.


  1. I am SO excited for you!!!!

  2. Tay said there are quite a few "older" people in her classes at Pueblo Community College. She had a hybrid History class last semester and didn't like it - prefers classroom discussion - especially in her favorite subject (besides science). Be easy on the younger folks!!! teehee

  3. It sounds like fun to go back to school! I want to go too! Just keep in mind that soft mumbler could be MY child, so you better speak gently when you correct her. She might be really shy and she will probably respond better to encouragement than criticism. Not that you would criticize harshly mind you.

  4. How does it feel to be the "elder" student? I'm sure it won't be long and the young students will be asking for your advice.

  5. With my poor hearing I hate the mumbling. I also hate the whisperers who sit behind me in church and whisper... my hearing aids pick-up the whispering and I can't hear what they are actually saying and I can't hear what the pastor is saying and it's gets so tiresome trying to hear. People are very non-responsive to changing their voices when someone can't hear them ... even after asking. At least in my experience.


  6. I'm glad your first day went well! You looked great in your new shirt and jeans!