Sunday, January 17, 2010

Public apology.

I'm a good sister. I want to say that first. But I can be a mean sister. Not mean in a mean way but mean in a loving sister way. ( Does that make sense?)

My sister Patty and I used to share an apartment together with another person. It was a 2 bedroom so Patty and I shared a room. While Patty was dating her soon to be husband, I would have to listen to her go on and on and on about Tim! ( You get the picture right? ) One of the things that Patty would talk to death about was, other then how cute he was, was "Did Tim like her?" You need to know that Tim was a shy, quite guy.

I, being the loving sister that I am would flat out tell her "No! he does not like you. You are pushy, the only reason that he sits next to you is cause you make it so that he has to. The only reason that he talks to you (not that he talked) is that you wont shut up!" When the church young adults would get together to do a group thing we all knew that we needed to work it so that Tim would sit by Patty in the car. ( What we wouldn't do for young love?) Poor Patty, Tim was just shy enough that he didn't give a clear signal to her that, yes he did like her. This went on for about a month. They then figured it out that he did ( Patty had a mean dog that did not like men. Tim would come by when we were all gone and made friends with the dog on the side. He knew that the way to Patty's heart was to get that dog to like him)

So that's where the public apology comes in. At work a man comes in that I think is cute and I am kind of interested in him. He's in my book club group. He's very shy, wont talk in the group unless you ask him a direct question. But he does talk to me a little bit. ( This is after I have put in the time to draw him out!) He now comes in the evening and will stay and talk to me ( I talk, he smiles and might say something ) while I close the library. He then walks me out to where I turn to go to the employee parking lot. Does he like me? Or am I being pushy? Other then wearing a flashing sign that says " I like you" I don't know what more to do. (No, I wont ask him out. A man needs to have enough courage to do the asking or he's not man enough for me.)

So it comes down to I really have no idea if he does or doesn't and I really feel for my sister while she was dating Tim. Patty, I'm sorry that I was such a brat to you! ( But it was fun and I would do it all over again!)

P.S. To my friends at work ( This goes for Kellie too ) DO NOT SAY ANYTHING TO HIM! We are not in Jr High school.

P.P.S. Yes Mom and Dad, he has a job. He works full time, 6 days a week.


  1. Awwwww!!! But honestly, I'm a dunce when it comes to affairs of the heart. It does sound like he might be interested. Just make sure he's not married or involved with anyone else.My friend is going through this at the moment. She's been dating a guy that's been living with another woman for years. He says that he's going to leave her. Well, guess what! He got married to his live in love yesterday but he's still telling my friend that she's the one. Sometimes I wonder if we are all that dumb sometimes.

  2. He comes in the evening, and stays with you while you close the library?

    He then walks you to the parking lot?

    Duh, of course he likes you! Maybe he just needs a bit more encouragement to ask you out?

    Have you ever sat right beside him in your book club? Do it! Give him a big smile :)

  3. Oh...I'm glad you finally apologized to Patty...and I think that Tim had a great idea getting to know the dog!

  4. If you're asking my opinion, I think he likes you. I see him at the library and around town and where he works sometimes and I've never seen him waiting to talk to someone like he does you. I think you might have to be super patient or maybe leave a few hints that will hit him over the head or something.

    Don't worry I won't say anything to HIM, but that doesn't exclude you from being slightly teased now and then does it?

  5. I'm not saying nuttin! But I have to admit I've seen the little smiles and the chitter chatter between the two of you. I think it's cute how he hangs around until closing.

  6. You have no idea what perverse pleasure I get out of this post. For all you out there, yes, Tim and I did get married despite Kris' "help". And we are going on 26 years. I think the shy ones need extreme encouragement! Who knows though, maybe he feels like he HAS to walk you to your car? Maybe he just can't ignore that constant jabbering in his ears?

  7. Oh Krissy, how sweet!!! But before you get too giddy you need to find out a few things. First and most important:

    Is he a Christian?

    If he is a follower of, and believer in, our Savior Jesus Christ, then I will send you the other questions in an email.


  8. Ohhh, how fun!!!!
    I agree that you need to make sure of his faith 1st.
    If he's hanging out till you close I think he likes you! :)suzy

  9. I vote that he is interested in you. Keep us posted.

  10. Awww. I think he likes you, too. Especially with waiting around to walk you out.

    (PS Sisters are supposed to do what you did - I did the same thing to my sisters and I've never apologized - sorry Patty!) ;)