Saturday, January 16, 2010

Craft Fair

Had the craft fair today. I did not make my zillions but I did make enough to cover the $40 for the booth and some more. Not bad. I feel that as long as it doesn't cost me I will keep doing these shows. I did get a good contact. A lady gave me her info and took my info as she is looking to sell goat milk soap in her health foods store. I will get with her and see what we both are wanting out of the deal. All my business cards were taken so maybe I will get some on line sales.

It was fun to people watch. I just don't understand some woman! I'm fluffy ( big boned) and I know that you do not wear tight pants that ride low on your hips with a shirt tucked in! This woman was! She had the man style of a dun lap tummy. ( Tummy rides over the belt, it's done lapped over ) I'm not talking a little muffin top, I'm talking about a Michelin tire. Is she not loved by someone that will tell her not to do that?

This might be a reason why I get mad at the kittens. This was a big heavy clay pot on the table. How the kittens got it to fall off is beyond me. But they did. I think Colby was the guilty one. Right after I heard the crash, she was a blur as she ran into the bedroom. Harvey ( the one that you see here) stuck around to see what was going on.


  1. Kittens? With a pot that size and full of dirt and plant? Sounds more like you got Cats.....Which is a lot like Whisper the Pit/Rotten dog....supposedly she doesn't bark, hence the name. Woke me up this morning going nuts with the barking...First time I ever heard her bark and boy does it sound funny, kind of raspy. Three moose in the back yard, Momma and two calfs. How they got in the backyard I'll never know with 6ft fence all arround. But their front yard foraging pruned the apple trees. JT is not impressed as he eats the apples off his trees. Way to dark to take pics much less find the camera.....Miss you

  2. You looked very nice sitting at your table today. The soap display was very eye catching.

    As for your kitty cats....bad kitties! I think you have some strong cat power going on in your house. I think I know how Colby did it....she jumped up on the rim of the clay pot and then sprung-off with her feet, sending the pot flinging across the table to the floor!!!!!!!!

  3. I think TT has cats - she knows exactly how that happened. I'm glad you had a decent show. Just remember, breaking even with the table costs doesn't really mean a profit, but it is to your benefit to get online sales. Then you don't have to pay for bazaar space.

  4. It's about time Harvey didn't get the blame.. I think Colby is the rotten one and blames everything on Harvey!! (just like kids!!)
    Can you send me your little vials of soap scents - wanting to get them to the Scentsy gal I met at a horse show to see if she wants to sell your soaps along with the candles. Will also send her a couple of the "sample" bars you left here and will then have her contact you directly.

  5. Oh, bad kitties. Ours destroyed a miniature rose bush I had on the kitchen counter because I was waiting to plant it the next day. Too late! They ate the leaves. What cat eats rose bush leaves?

    Also? "Is she not loved by someone that will tell her not to do that?" made me laugh so hard I scared the cats.