Friday, January 8, 2010

F.M. of A.

I have to give the goats water 2 times a day as it's so cold that it freezes solid. I take a bucket of water out at night time and bring the bucket that I took out in the morning inside the house so it can thaw out overnight. In the morning it's melted and I dump the water and give them fresh warm water. The reason the water looks brown is that I add some molasses to it so that the girls will be sure and drink some water. But why oh why is Colby trying to get into the bucket? And so is Harvey. Harvey will growl at Colby when she gets to close to the bucket. Harvey got all the way in the bucket ( Remember,it's frozen) Both kittens got in and out of the bucket a few times and "played" with something.
Yep! That's a frozen mouse in the water bucket! He (or she) must of jumped in and then couldn't get out and froze to death. ( I feel a little bit sad for the mouse) I hope it didn't take to long. When I got home the water was melted and the mouse's itty bitty head looked like it had been chewed on.
When the kittens were playing with it this morning they would ever so slowly touch the head with a paw and then jump back. They must of found some courage after I left for work.

And yes, that is a goat dropping in the water bucket. It was still there when I got home so the kittens didn't play with that.
F.M. of A. stands for Future Mouser of America.


  1. I had a mouse drown in the pigs trough this fall also. I felt kinda sad for it and surprised that the pigs didn't eat it! My goats poop in their water once in a while. It drives me nuts!!

  2. Yuck....why are cats attracted to dead things? A goat dropping...very funny Krissy!

  3. Yuck!

    Does Abby hunt? Freya and Luna both do.

    I think my goats are too small to poop in their water buckets. My trough outside (a large rubber maid tub) is almost as tall as they are and I have to make sure it stays full so they can get water. And there's a 5 gallon Home Depot bucket for them in the barn. It's also almost as tall as they are (pygmy and pygora).

  4. ohhhh...poor wittle mouse.

    Our cat does that too. Ever so slowy pats something...I think to see if it'll move.

    Funny post!

  5. Yuck!! Dead mouse!

    We had a dead mouse in our pig water a few weeks ago.. The kids fished it out and fed it to the cats.

  6. We had a squirrel drown in horses water last winter. I know you don't have power in garage but you might think about buying a heated bucket for their water and running a heavy duty cord from closest outlet. We have large water tub for horses and use tank heater but don't think you need anything that big. I would think your local feed store would have heated buckets.