Monday, January 11, 2010

Lazy Butt.

I have been a couch potato times 7 to the 10th power ( How's that for some math?) You all know that I have Netflick right? Well, don't get it! They make it was way to easy to to sit and watch. I am now on season 3 of FarScape. It's pretty good. ( I'm also not very picky on my SiFi.) I find myself laughing out loud.

I did some of my chores over the weekend but I did not make soap. And I need to make soap. So this morning I got out 2 batches of goat milk so that I will have to make it. I also need to order some more essential oils. I'm going to be in a woman's health craft fare this weekend. I got an
e-mail from a friend that used to be in it and she moved and I can take her place. I'm not really worried but the person running the show has only e-mailed me a few times. I don't know the were it's at nor the time that it starts or the time that I can come and set up my table. I will have to e-mail her and see if I can find out the info.

It's warmed up here. This morning it was 10 above (-12c) at my house! WOW! I know, that's not really warm but when you have been having -10 and lower (-23c ) for more then a week in the morning, 10 above feels balmy.

Yesterday, at Church I invited the preacher and his wife for dinner on Wednesday. He has been to Alaska and likes to talk about Alaska with me. He's into hunting and fishing and he likes to tell me about places he's been. I will make Halibut for dinner and some sides. Also maybe some smoked fish for an appetizer. ( Should I put it on Pilot Bread?)


  1. Pilot Bread would be authentic, but a bit of an acquired taste. I would suggest delicious crackers that will not cause them to choke because they are so dry.

  2. Good for you Kris!! Glad you invited the preacher and wife to dinner. Now get on that soap!

  3. is the soap selling business going? Did you have lots of orders over the holidays?
    Get off your butt and get busy! we have about 21 degrees, but the wind is blowing 20, so you know what that does to the windchill! at least the sun is shining..

  4. Thats nice of you to invite the minister and his wife. Hope you have a nice time. I think the pilot bread would be interesting, although I don't really know what it tastes like.

  5. Can you set your t.v. up where you can watch it while doing soap??!!
    Everyone gave soap to for Christmas love it so hopefully that will give you down the line business!! Plus your soap is so much more reasonably priced - most have seen in stores/booths are 4.5-5oz and going for $5-$6.50 (some are packaged pretty fancy and/or have color added). In the high 50's today and warmer tomorrow - FINALLY started warming up on Saturday - have had heck of a long cold spell!!

  6. Ahhhhh, no Pilot bread ok Krissy. Trust me.

  7. Hi Krissy - get back to soap making - I want some of the new type you were going to make.......

    I am proud of you for inviting the preacher and his wife to Sunday dinner. You are a great cook so what ever you make will be wonderful!

    How is school coming? Did you have fun doing your back to school shopping???

    BTW, I am blogging again.

    I have not heard back from Lisa about a visit but if it doesn't work out for both of us, I would like to come when the babies are born. Well AFTER the babies are born...

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