Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This and That.

While I was at work I started to realize that I am going to go to school next week! I get to do "back to school shopping" I need to get notebooks, pencils and I might even go clothes hunting. I will go the Eau Claire to do that so while I'm there I might as well as have some sushi for lunch.

I wonder if I could put a tip jar out at the library and have a little note on it that reads " Sushi fund"

I had to kick that kittens today when I was making dinner. I made a grilled ma-goo-slum sandwich (grated spam,pickle and onion mixed with a little mayo ) While I was doing that, the kittens go so excited that one of them ( Harvey, the hell cat ) started to climb my leg! Bad kitten! He caught some air on that one. But he was right back trying to trip me while I carried my dinner to the table.

Oh, and just so you know, I made 2 batches of soap on Monday and also ordered some more scent.

That's about it. It was a slow day for me. I liked it. I'm happy with calm slow days.


  1. Sorry Krissy but your dinner sounds disgusting! Grated Spam????

    What are "back ro school" clothes these days??

    Enjoy the peace this week, it will not last...

  2. Janice...you're right in saying that it sounds disgusting, but I gotta tell you, those sandwhiches are sooooo delish!! They were a favorite to all of us kids when mom made them for our school lunches and as adults they're like a special treat.

  3. Don't knock it till you've tried it. Although I know some people can't get past the "spam" part. I love magooslum sandwiches too! I'm excited you are starting school again - I'm sure you will gain lots of fun blog material out of it.

  4. So which "college" look will you go with? ... Goth? Preppy? Baggy Pants? Ummmm....

  5. Yum - used to live off those sandwiches (used old fashioned meat grinder that attached to counter top instead of grating). Would also make spreads by grinding up leftover roast or ham then add onion, pickle and mayo/mustard. Supposed to be close to mid 60 in Pueblo today - yahoo!!

  6. I always wondered how you spelled it. I remember you telling me about them. I think its kind of like deviled ham spread?

    I vote for the Goth look, then post a pic on your blog!


  7. I vote for saddle shoes. I remember getting a pair for the new school year and then never wearing them.

  8. you may want to wait to get some of your supplies till after the first day of class. Many times the professors will require certain items. Just bring a pen, pencil and a notebook the first day so you don't buy items you may not need.
    Are you getting more flavors for the soap? What are they?

  9. Sweat pants and big flannel shirt -as we get older isn't comfort more important (that's my excuse!!) plus being comfortable will make it easier to sit in long class (or in your case - to fall asleep!!teehee). Hey on Chandelle blog, how can people post their comments on your soap?? Also, looking at picture - it's really cool but if I didn't know better, I would think your soaps are size of hotel but only thicker??!! Maybe a smaller basket or something to give idea just how really big they are??