Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Girls.

I wonder if goats can get depressed? If so, I think my girls may have a touch of it. They are eating OK and pooping and peeing is all going on. ( Pee and poop are very important things to watch)

They were gone for almost a whole month and they hung out with about 20 other goats. Now they are back to it just being the 2 of them. I wonder if they miss they herd? They also have not been outside their stall since Sunday when they came home. JuJu did step outside for a sec and turned and ran back inside. The snow that we had here while they were gone did not get tramped down and it's about 1 foot deep with a crusty layer of ice. I think that I will have to tramp it down and make a spot for them. I think that they need some sunshine and fresh air.

That's my plan tomorrow. Tramp down a spot for them. Cut some oak and pine branches for them so they have some treats. I think that I will put some straw down outside in a sheltered spot so that they can be out of the wind and still have the sun shine on them.

This morning when I feed the goats, Maggie had some frost on her back near her butt. I think that I will build a false roof over the stall so that whatever heat they make stays in the stall. Right now it just goes up, up, up to the top of the roof. Their heat is being wasted. Also I think that they would like me hanging out with them for a little bit. Goats always want to know what's going on so this will be fun for them.......I think.

Oh, one more thing. The girls now have a goat smell! I'm not sure if it's cause they have been hanging out with a buck or just hanging out with the herd. But I have to wash my hands after I pet them. The kittens and Abby like the smell!


  1. I'm guessing they smell from hanging out with Billy Goat Gruffs. I know them suckers stink bad. They pee on themselves and then rub it in. It's very gross.

  2. Oh the poor girls, they must be confused at what is going on....one place here, another place there. Hopefully they will settle back down to their comfortable home.

    As for the smell...maybe because they are pregnant and their hormones have changed! Just a thought.

  3. I agree with both ideas.

    Off the subject of your girls - Krissy, have you seen "The Librarian" with Noah Wylie, Bob Newhart, Olivia Dukakis and Jane Curtin? I saw 3 in the series on TV in the last week. I really like them.



  4. Hey "Stinkin' Goat" - Boy, think of all the times we called each other that and not knowing you would be raising them some day!! Oh man, the other name was "Pukin Buzzard" - does that mean you will be raising them next??!! teehee. Did you see PW's recipies for Hearty White Chili and Boston Baked Beans - looks like good items for Potluck @ Church.

  5. I'm thinking the smell is just the buck. It'll go away. I wouldn't give them pine branches while pregnant. I read in my book it may cause abortions. Fir branches are the best for them.

    They might be depressed. Goats don't like to be travelled. It can take a while for them to get back in the groove.

  6. I'm w/Lisa on pine branches (you probably want to check it out) as I know my brother has lost unborn calves by cow aborting due to eating pine needles.

  7. They probably smell from the buck. My little goats don't smell at all. Then again, the neighbor's boer goats DO smell, or at least a smell builds up in their goat shed that I have to walk by. Yick! My barn smells like that, I'd best be getting the what-for for not cleaning it often enough or properly!

    I didn't notice our goats being depressed when we brought them home a couple weeks ago. They've not had a lot of people interaction, but they certainly love me now. If I open the door, they're calling to me, "Food Lady! Food Lady! Whatcha got for us now?" And, they're learning to like scritches. Of course, mine are pint sized compared to yours!