Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hammer time.

Here's JuJu enjoying a good scratch. I had the girls out of the pen for about 2 hours. They followed me back and forth from where I was cutting lumber and then going back to their pen. I also cut them some pine branches for a treat. They followed me while I cut the pine and nibbled on it as I brought it back to the stall. I then gave them a little grain and they nosed it but went back to the pine branch.
Well, I screwed up when I down loaded the before and after pictures. You get the after picture 1st. I used my special math skills on this one! I know, the tarp just adds to the look huh? I nailed the tarp down so it wont flap and stuff. I put a straw bail on top and fluffed it up and spread it around so that way there is some insulation up there. I was surprised that just that little bit makes a difference. I did not nail things down real hard so that I can take it apart this summer if I want.
I have to do a little thinking about how I'm going to cover the front part where the door into the pen is at. The window, big post and door are causing me to think. ( You can see this better in the before picture)

Here's the before picture. ( That's JuJu in the pic ) I should have taken a picture of the frame I built and stuff before I covered it with the tarp and straw. Oh well, I didn't. But now you can't see how I used my special math skills (That might not be a bad thing) As I was measuring things I was thinking to myself that it's a good thing that I will be taking some math classes.

I didn't get the chance to stomp down some of their pen. I ended up working at the library for a few hours ( That's always a good thing) and by the time I ran into town and got the lumber and made the new pen roof it was getting late. When I get back from registering for classes tomorrow I will do that.


  1. Where's the duct tape??

    Looking good Krissy! I am constantly amazed at your abilities and creative talent.

    Be careful when you drive to register.

  2. I think it looks GREAT Krissy.

    I just love that smile on JuJu's face.

  3. Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

  4. The pen looks good and I'll just bet the goats are happy to be back home with you!
    Hoping you are able to get enrolled today with no problems.

  5. Good pic of JuJu! Who knew pine branches were a treat?

    Glad you were at work to help out today.

  6. Krissy!
    you should use a drill and screws.. easier to remove in the spring!!
    looks good.. I'm sure with your winter weather, they'll need the extra heat... snow and rain here yesterday... 36 degrees this morning... Rose

  7. Rose- I have no power out at the goat pen. And noop, I'm not going to screw that all in by hand!

  8. cordless drills work great. just charge them up and they last a couple hours.
    Your work looks awesome! Have fun registering for school.

  9. woops, i meant cordless screwdrivers. :)

  10. They do make cordless drills.. Dewalt makes an 18 volt that the battery lasts a long time. That would work better than the cordless screwdriver I think. (I bet your dad would know how well cordless drills work :-))