Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Psychology class

Last night (Tuesday) was my first class in Psychology. We did have class last Tuesday but that was canceled due to the teacher being sick. She e-mailed us our homework so we did have stuff to do. My first impression is that I will like the class and I think that the teacher will be good. I have to admit that there is one little bitty problem. English is the teachers second language and it's very hard to take notes while you're trying to figure out what in the heck she just said! I think that she knows this because she passes out paper with all the instructions written down. She is also very funny,and very frank! She told the men in the class that they needed to stop looking at porn on the computer and get a girlfriend. That humans needed to be with other humans and not having a fake relationship with a computer!

We all had to get up and go to the front of the class and tell a little bit about ourselves and a "learning" experience that we had from school. Bad or good. I told the class about when I was in 3rd grade I realized that the teacher I had did not like me. How I know this teacher didn't like me was that I turned in a one page report about bats. The teacher returned it to me saying, " This is not acceptable, it is sloppy, Redo it" Well I had worked hard on that and had done my best on the paper. I gave back the exact paper, having made no changes to it. She said " Much better" She was a liar liar pants on fire is what she was!

The Psychology teacher seems to be very fair. We had a in class assignment where we had to write down five things about Psychology. Didn't matter what it was, just five things written down. Well, we have one guy in class that thinks he's a charmer and did not do it. When she collected the paper she let him have it. He tried to give a few reason why he didn't do it. He was upset cause it was worth 20 points. ( Which she did tell the class ) She flat out told him that no, he couldn't turn it in now. Class was over and that it would not be fair to the other students if she did.

All in all it was good. But this driving to and from Eau Claire twice a week and then going to Menomonie once a week is really eating up the gas. I might have to put out a "tip jar" at the library.


  1. Love your goats! Thanks for stopping by:)

  2. Glad you are enjoying your class. I think I like your teacher too!

  3. Could it be that a truck doesn't get good gas mileage....especially during the winter months! Maybe you'll have to think about a commuter car.

  4. Sounds like a fun class. Wish I was going too.

    Unless you plan to get another vehicle I think you'll just have to bit the bullet and pay the big bucks to drive your truck.

    Yep, tmw is still good.

  5. Glad you're like your class, I had a chuckle when I read your bad school experience. (the part about you not changing your paper and then handing it back in again)

  6. Going back to school sounds like fun. Why do we hate it as kids, but want to go when we are adults? They should switch that around. Put kids to work and then let them go to school when they are about 20. Of course, not much work would get done I suppose.

  7. Krissy.
    gas here is Kenai is $3.55 per gallon. what are you guys paying now?

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