Thursday, January 28, 2010

Had it!

My head is the earth and Harvey is the moon. Last night I had had it! I kicked that cats out of the bedroom. The night before Harvey could or would not settle down. He circled my head looking for the "sweet" spot to sleep. He would find it for about 10 minutes and then circle my head and go to the other side and try that side. Back and forth, back and forth. I tried to tuck all of me in under the covers but that just caused Harvey to make little meow-ie chirping sounds and nudging of my head.

I wonder how the Chinese restaurant get their cats chicken so tender? I also wonder if Harvey would be better in a fondue or maybe a tasty stew?

Did you hear about the new Chinese cookbook and exercise book? It's called 101 ways to "wok" your dog.


  1. Harvey is so into you Aunt Krissy. I think she has separation anxiety, especially at night!!!!!

    I should talk....Annabelle is curled up tight against me and my laptop as I type this tonight. Sometimes she even lays halfway on my laptop!

  2. My husbands cat (who decided I am HER human), insists on laying on my left side if I am laying in bed on that side or if I turn over she moves to the other side. When I am here on the computer she HAS to be on my lap... I end up booting her off though. Then she looks at me in a very sorrowful way. What is really cute is when she want me to get up. She takes her paw UNDER my arm and curls it up and softly tugs... she's such a sweet cat, 11 years and HUGE. Perhaps I will post a picture of her in my blog soon...

  3. I've had a similar problem three nights this week with the new kitten. She has been booted out and the door firmly closed behind her.

  4. Can you tell me where to find the post about the words so I can use it for the girls? I appreciate your coments. Thanks

  5. But but but he WOVES you!!!! Hey, can you set up your soap site so we can put comments on it - thought that would be good advertisement for anyone going on site.

  6. I think this is why my husband banned the critters from our bedroom unless I'm ill. HE wasn't getting any sleep. I was sleeping just fine with them, thank you! But, I was still working crazy hours and not getting enough sleep when he banned them.

    Now, if I'm sick, he'll bring in Salem to me to cuddle like a ragdoll if I want. And if I'm really, really sick, he'll put Freya on the bed to stay with me while he's gone. Teaching her to pull me up the stairs for when I'm sick was the smartest thing I've ever done! I will always be able to get to bed as long as I have my big, fuzzy girl!