Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shy guy.

Remember last week I told you about the guy I like that's in the book club and we sat next to each other? While we were talking ( At book club) I mentioned/asked why the store carries fresh cilantro but not fresh rosemary or basil? He said that this area that we live in has a large Mexican population so that's why there was cilantro. I told him that I was bummed as I use those 2 herbs often. That's all that was said about that. He came in on Friday and let me know that he ordered fresh rosemary and basil and it's now in. Is he really a good produce manager or just maybe, he might like me? Until he ask me out I wont know for sure.

I made lasagna tonight using fresh basil. It smells really good in the house right now.


  1. Oh Krissy, that's a good sign!!!!

    Too bad you didn't invite him over to SHARE the lasagna.

    I know, I know....the woman is not suppose to ask the man out.

  2. It's possible that he's even shyer than my husband. Or, he's just not that into you. Sorry. Couldn't resist.

  3. Yeah, he likes you. Hope you don't grow old and gray waiting for him to ask you out.

  4. wow...I say he definately likes you. Just shy or something. You should casually mention the wonderful lasagne you made, thanks to him, and that'll open the door to you casually saying you'd make him some or better yet. "why not just come over for a home cooked meal?" type question. DO IT!!

    By the there any possibility he knows you have a blog? If he likes you he may have found this site....yikes...

  5. Alicia- Noop, he does not know I have a blog. And he wouldn't know how to find it. He's just now getting into computers. I had to show him how do a proper shut down on his lap top. His dad died last Saturday and he ended up with his dads lap top.

  6. Hum... Valentines is just around the corner!! And if you were here, you could invite him to the UMW Valentines dinner at our church!! Have you ever tried doing a herb garden in your house??

  7. OOOhh Krissy, he likes you, he really likes you!!

    DO NOT invite him to the Valentines dinner.

    I agree with Alicia, mention how wonderful your lasagne was with the fresh basil from HIS store. Maybe he will suggestion you bring him a sample!