Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunday confession.

I wish I had a picture for this Sunday Confession. At my old job in Alaska I worked at the main office. It was a combination of hanger and office space. I worked on the main floor next to the hanger. There is a very nice marble and glass stairway in the lobby going up to the second floor.

I worked weekends and being that I sometimes work 10 to 12 hour shifts I would bring my dog to work. (That was OK) On this day I had brought a green tennis ball for Abby and I was tossing it down the long hallway and she would tear after it and bring it back. I went to use the restroom and to do that you had to go though the lobby. Abby followed me and on the way back I thought to myself "Self, you should toss that green tennis ball up and over the glass railing and see if your very smart dog will run up the stairs and get that ball" So I did.

Did I tell you that I was always picked last for softball? Well, I tossed the ball hard so that I would get it up and over and it went straight and SMACKED into the glass part. Can you believe it? I missed! I shattered the glass but it was safety glass so it had a spider web look. It was the weekend, nobody was around, nobody saw......What to do?! I did the right thing. I went up into the Directors office and left a detailed note with a picture drawing how it all went down, saying that I broke the glass and take it out of my pay check.

I was off for the next two days. ( The director was still out of town ) and when I came back to work the talk was about how that earthquake we had over the weekend must have twisted the staircase and caused the glass to break. I thought for a second that I should go get my note back, but I didn't (That would have been wrong) I did not end up paying for it as the director liked my note, it made him laugh.

I learned my lesson. I never tossed a green tennis ball up the stairs again.


  1. Your honesty paid off,in that the boss didn't make you pay for the glass!

  2. I love that story.. Aaah, the good ol' times, eh?

  3. So was it Dick Harding, Bryan or Lloyd you did your true confession to??!!

  4. I don't think I've ever heard that one before! You are too funny!

  5. Ahhhh ha! So that's where you get your bad luck.

    As your current boss, you've already had a few mishaps @ the library. Could it just be in your "nature."?????? (the humidifer & the light cord)

  6. CC- It was Harding that I told. LS was still a pilot back then.

    Boss - I think that I just have a certian knack for things.

  7. LOL! Aunt Krissy! Never throw anything near glass! LOL! Didn't your parents teach you that? LOL!