Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How about that?

Today in my written communication class I really found out what "hybrid" means. Right now we have class two times a week, Monday and Wednesday. Starting next week, if we so choose, we can decide NOT to come to Wednesday class. The instructor will post lesson plans and homework online.

Now in class, we have to get into small groups and discuss whatever we are currently on. If we choose not to come to class then we will discuss what we are working on, on the discussion board which will be online, with the other students that did not come to class. When we are done with this half of class (After spring break) then we can choose NOT to come to Monday or Wednesday class. Then, then the last four weeks of class she told us that she would discourage us in coming as we needed to become independent thinkers! That part sounds like a load of dog doo-doo! At the age of 45, I am pretty sure I am independent.

I thought that I paid money (Lots) to have a teacher teach, not go to the web sight and figure it out. I am a bit concerned as the home work that I have turned in online has not gone to her. Her computer has blocked me. I have to print it and bring the hard copies in on Monday. I have a message in with the IT people at the school to see if they can fix it.

I was talking to two other students that are my age, all three of us do not like that idea. We had no concept of what hybrid meant. We just thought that we would do like we are right now. Using the computer to turn in homework. One of them said she did not care, she was going to come for each class, no matter if she got a frown-ie face from the teacher! On the plus side, no getting up so early and think of the gas money I would save. I will have to give it a try because who knows? This might be great!


  1. I don't know Krissy, that sounds kind of weird to me. When you are us (you & me), you want your money's worth. I really think I'd have a problem with that Instructors class schedule, however, I think that is the trend now for Tech school and college.

  2. I think I would feel cheated. Isn't that what you are paying for? Instruction? classroom atmosphere? If it were marketed as an on-line class wouldn't bother me, but it's not. I think online classes are cheaper too. Sounds to me like a teacher who gets paid whether they are in class or not, so they choose not because, hey, that's less work! Make a stand. Go. Waste your gas.

  3. I agree with you sister! Go to class and make your stand!

  4. Sounds like a lazy teacher to me!