Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Old dogs are best.

Abby will be 13 years old Feb 28. I know that she is getting old and to me it's a slow process as I am with her all the time. Tonight it struck home just how old she is.

Tuesdays are long days now with me going back to school. Abby went potty at 8.30am to 8.45am as we took a 15 min walk this morning. I did not get home till 9.30pm tonight so that it a long long time to be inside. She was all happy to see me and when she got on the kitchen floor her back legs gave out and in her struggle to get up (I was in the bathroom) her bladder let loose.
I felt bad for her. I try not to give pets human emotions but I could tell that she was upset. I just petted her and told her she was a good dog, best dog ever!

We went out and took care of the goats and took a little walk up the driveway and back. When back in the house I went to the bedroom to remake my bed (Abby likes to un-make it for me)
and I saw small little poops on the bed. This has happened before, I think that she sleeps so hard now that her body no longer can control itself. I took all the sheets and blankets off and tossed them in the wash. I truly am not upset by this. I love her and she is old. That's just the way it is. I am going to get a long runner for the kitchen so that she has better footing when she has to cross the kitchen floor. I think that will really help her.

Also, no, there is not a way to come home and let her out. Work and school are tightly scheduled.
Come summer time I will be able to leave the back door open so she can go outside if need be.


  1. She is a good ol dog. I like old dogs too, especially when they just lay around all day and thump their tails when you come near. Abby's been a good dog, I'm glad it's getting warmer for you so life will be a little easier for her.

  2. Hugs to you and Abby. It's not a nice feeling when you know there time is up ... we lost a springer spaniel about a year ago to cancer Lacy was 12 yrs old when she died ... we had her for 4 yrs.
    Go get that runner Abby will know it just for her.

  3. Abby is a good dog and you are a great mommy to her. I know how hard it is when someone you love gets old and has problems that interfer with who she used to be. Blessings to you both.

  4. I still miss ol' Joe. He used to get so ashamed when things didn't "work" right for him. Give Abby a big hug from me.. please.. It would be nice if she didn't bark in your ear so much as time goes by? I'm Having a melancholy day....I Miss You Krissy!! and there is no way I'm calling you aunt

  5. Remember what our friend Helen's says, "the golden years.....bull S"!!!

    Poor Abby.

  6. Aunt Krissy, email me your address. I want to send something for Abby. At 13, she is incredibly old for a Dobe! How wonderful!

    Freya is not nearly as old as Abby. Her age is starting to show though and she is having a few problems getting up off the floor now.

    Usually at 8, like Freya, we don't worry too much about the advancement of age. After all, she can still go out and patrol the property, hunt and keep everything and everyone in line. But, Freya has a special circumstance as we believe she is part wolf. Not surprising since she came from the bush out in Mat-Su, right? And wolves, as well as giant breed dogs (she's 100 lbs), just don't live as long as other breeds.

    More and more often this spring, she spends her days just laying on the deck in the sun, lifting her head to thump her tail if I walk by.

    Treasure the time left with Abby. Give her kisses from me.

  7. shoot....got something in my eye...

    Abby's lucky to have the best dog owner ever. Well, Pattys' pretty high up there too but you know what I mean.