Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This and that.

I had a phone call today from a person who owns a bakery. She and her partner are starting up a gluten free bakery. They have contracts to make X amount of loaves per week for various stores. With more contracts pending when they are up in full production.

She called me up because she had heard about me from mutual friends. She heard that I was looking for some extra hours, and also that I did some baking. We talked, and I will go to her bakery on Saturday for four hours, and help make 200 loaves of gluten free bread. She has three part time employees right now, but they are all college students, and most plan on quiting this spring when school is out. I'm not sure if I will do more then this Saturday. I'm not sure how I will work in more hours with my part time job at the library and part time going back to school. She needs help for now just on weekends, but as production grows, so will the need for help.

It sounds very interesting to me. I want to check it out, that's why I'm going to work for free
for the four hours. Maybe I will get a loaf of gluten free bread in exchange.

Book Club meets tomorrow. And we all know what that means! Shy guy has a computer at home, he now comes in only once a week, but still hangs out and talks with me. Like I say, I talk, ask questions and he responds and smiles. I have to admit that I'm getting a little frustrated with getting to know him over a counter top! I want to know more about him but you can't have a really good conversation and get to know somebody over a counter top. I will update tomorrow night.

Another big, big day is coming up. It's Aunt Krissy's yearly celebration of PI day! We all know that pi is 3.14(15 blah blah blah) with translates to March 14. I will post a poll soon with what kind of pies (pi) I should make. I'm for sure going to list a coconut cream pie(pi). I want to make it with coconut milk. That should make for a really yummy pie(pi) I think.

And I bought a pig. Not a live one, a dead one. In two weeks I will go help butcher pigs and come back with a wrapped pig to put in my freezer.


  1. It will be interesting to see how the bakery work turns out.

    Maybe a heavy handed direct approach is going to be called for with shy guy.

    I vote now for coconut cream....yum.

  2. Is the Grain Bin going to start making gluten-free bread? I think that's great that you are going in on Saturday to help out.

    I use to help my mom in her bakery job. I frosted the donuts!!!

    Wow, Crochet Lady voted early! I guess she must really, really LIKE coconut cream pie.

    Will French Silk be one of your choices, hint, hint.

  3. That's pretty cool that they called to ask for your help. Gluten free? Is there really that big a market for it? I'm sure there's some but that's an awful lot of bread if no one buys it. I vote for Key Lime Pie. Not that I will get any.

  4. Peanut butter chocolate is my vote. I may have to write it in if it's not on the ballot!

    BTW...whatever happened in class (Psyc?) about getting every classmate a gift. What was learned from all that?

    Maybe play "hard to get" and ignore shy guy for the whole eveing and see what he does. Or maybe not...playing games is no good either. hmmmm...what to do? Patty? What did you end up doing?

  5. I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful …

  6. Hope the bakery thing is fun. Something different do do anyhow.

    Just ask the shy guy out for a fish fry, you can do it!!

    You should think about getting a live pig tho.

    Pie, hmmmmm I want you to make me a strawberry cream kind like main street cafe does.. yummy..

  7. Hands down - CHERRY PIE!!!! Isn't Door County (aotho' you're not in it and I think it would be to east of you???) a big cherry area??!! (trying to remember when went to Sturgeon Bay years ago while down there for Oshgosh Air Show)