Thursday, February 25, 2010

A really crappy day.

I had to put down Colby this morning. I had noticed that she was not eating nor was she acting her normal playful self. I took her to the vets and she had feline leukemia. She had been vaccinated when she was a kitten but the vet says that she probably had it by then and it just was dormant. She was to far gone to really do anything, it happened so fast. Last week she was gobbling her food, being a pest, running around playing with Harvey and over this weekend she became quite and by today she was so lethargic that she wasn't even tempted with tuna fish. I'm going to go take a nap now and cuddle with Abby and Harvey.

P.S. I am not pretty when I cry. My face gets blotchy, eye swell up so that I have only slits and I make snot bubbles. I hope that my eyes look better by the time I go in to work.


  1. I'm very sad for you right now. Smack some icecubes in a plastic baggie and place on your eyelids before going to work, that should help with the looks.

    Harvey's going to be even more clingy now. You might need some more pets.

  2. Ah, that is too bad Krissy... {{{hugs}}}

  3. Oh Krissy, my heart goes out to you. Don't worry about the red swollen eyes...we understand. Hey look on the bright side, maybe quiet man will comfort you tonight at book club???

    PS. Tom, our book rep, just gave us girls a whole bag of Ghirardelli dark chocolate today for our book order. Guess J & I will share with you :-)

  4. So sorry Kris. It is so hard to say goodbye to a pet. Colby sure was a pretty cat.

    Hope you get the rest you need and the cuddles with Abby and Harvey help.

  5. Krissy.. I'm so sorry to hear about Colby. I'm glad you didnt let her suffer any longer.
    Hugs to you..

  6. oh I am so sad for you. My black and white cat had that too...



  7. I'm so sorry to hear about that. I cried buckets when we put Roxie down. Only time will heal all.

  8. Sorry Krissy about Colby...You'll feel better soon! I look like how you described when I get boo hooie! It helps me not get too bad because I know the consequences. A bag of frozen peas from the freezer works good cause it can really settle around your eyes and they're always available cause really, who's gonna eat little green round balls anyway?

  9. Krissy I am so sorry. I know that having to put down a sick kitty is very hard to do. You were very brave and loving to make sure she did not suffer. I will pray for your heart to heal quickly. How is Harvey? Is he in danger of having FL?

  10. Aunt Krissy,

    I am so sorry to hear about Colby. (((HUGS)))

    Colby was a very lucky kitty to have you as her person. I know she had a great life filled with lots and lots of love, even when she was annoying or you were irritable. And now she will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge.

    Since Colby and Harvey were littermates, please have Harvey tested. It's better to be safe than sorry and to be able to plan ahead. Leukemia positive cats can live long, healthy lives with a few precautions. And, you'd want to know ahead of time in case you ever thought of getting another cat so as to not pass it on.

    There's a line of a Flavia poem that I think is appropriate here with one small change.

    "Some kitties come into our lives
    and leave footprints on our hearts
    and we are never ever the same."

    More (((HUGS))).

  11. Awww, I am sorry to hear that Krissy.

  12. Oh Krissy,

    That's way too bad..... hope you feel better soon. Keep writing your descriptions are outstanding... love you.