Saturday, February 20, 2010

Waaa Waaa.

Why am I crying? Because,

1. I went and bought a ironing board and iron. I hate, hate to iron but I have 2 shirts that I just can't shake the wrinkles out. I tried tossing them back in the dryer with a wet load and taking them out after a few minutes, and shaking the wrinkles out again. Didn't work. I also have flat cloth that I need to iron. It's for wrapping the soap. I washed some of it and they are very,very wrinkly. So bad that I can't use them unless I iron them.

2. I did NOT get carded! I was at Wally world and yes mom and dad, I bought some booze, hooch, the devils drink. I bought some whiskey as I think that I will make a whiskey cake one of these days. While at the check out, when the cashier scanned my booze, the little machine asked "looks over 40?" She hit the yes key! Waaaaa, waaaa.
3. I forgot the sushi place was closed until 4pm! I needed that after Wally.
I'm off to go drink my sorrows via a whiskey cake.


  1. Poor Krissy, what a sad day! Your soap will appreciate being wrapped in smooth cloth, you will look better in a pressed shirt and maybe you should stop buying booze! Or else have a chat with the check-out girl!!!

    Love ya girly..

  2. A whiskey cake, wow Krissy.

    Sorry you couldn't have sushi today....that's a bummer.

  3. I know that feeling! Remember when the gas station attendant (little kid) helped me with purchasing gas with my debit card? He said after I thanked him for his help, "that's ok, lots of old people have trouble with it."

  4. Did you get some starch too?

    Your whiskey cake will be delicious, save me a piece!

  5. Oh I know how u feel Krissy, I Hate ironing so much! I purposely buy clothes depending on whether they will need ironing or not....

    The whiskey cake sounds good, will u put up the recipe?

  6. Yep, when I make the Whiskey cake I will put up the recipe. This is the cake that i used to bake in wide mouth pint jars and sell them at craft fairs.

  7. Whiskey cake sounds awesome! I make some lovely bourbon brownies! Hey! If you email me your recipe, I'll email you mine!

    I didn't get carded on Valentine's Day when we went to Olive Garden. I was really worried about it since I left my purse and id at home. It's the first time I've not been carded. Yikes! I must be looking my age then! Not good!