Wednesday, March 24, 2010

All done ( Almost)

Harvey got another mouse, and as you can see, brought it inside. He really was tossing this one about and having lots of fun with it. Then I was the kill joy, and took it from him and got rid of it.
Mean Mom! White Bucket 3 Harvey 2. The below pic is of the little door for the chickens to go in and out of. I put a hinge on it. Right now I have it rigged with some string so that you can see how I can open it from outside the chicken pen. I will replace the string with something better and have a pulley so that it pulls straight up. I am also thinking about getting a strong magnet and using that to keep the door shut at night. I'm not sure if I want to have to go in to the pen every night and "lock" the door with a bar type thing.
This is the door that I hung. Just so you know, the board did not have straight sides so there are some gaps on the hinge side. Well, also on the other side too. When the door is shut, there is about a one and a half inch gab on the bottom and about a one inch gap on the top. Also, I hung the door wrong! I wanted it to swing in, but when I put the hinges on outside I put them on backwards so the door opens out, not it. Oh well, that's my special skills coming out.

All I have left to do is make some roost in the pen for the chickens to hang out on. I plan on using hangers and putting a 2x4x however long it needs to be strung across the pen. I will have two of them at different heights. I wont nail the wood into the hangers so that I can "knock" them out when I want to clean the pen and not have the roost is the way. I will show a pic of that when I get them up.

Now I need to go buy chicken food and grit and feed pans and watering things. Also put a layer of fluffy wood chips down.


  1. All that work are dedicated. Good for you. Can't wait for the chicks to arrive.

  2. Well done Harvey. He's turning into a good mouser. Don't discourage him by taking all his trophies away! Well done Krissy! You are turning into a carpenter....not. But you are getting somewhere. My little sister is all grown up and doesn't need help anymore...sob, sniff.

  3. Looking good, you'll be already for the peeps.

  4. Kris.. you need to invest in a cordless drill so you can use screws.. much better than banging out nails!! an 18 volt drill is great with enough power to do what you need... You would never pound another me!!