Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm one of those types.

Sorry, but I'm going to whine a bit on this post.

Back up in Alaska I knew this lady that just annoyed me, not her herself, but she was from New York City and she never liked any of the pizza that she ate in AK. It was never ever up to her standered. Whenever I was with her and pizza was going to be had, she would bring up that this isn't pizza, only in NYC do you get "real" pizza.

I now kind of understand her. Today I had to go to Eau Claire for some library training. I thought class started at 1pm, it started at 1.30p and I was there at 12.45p. I had 45 min to kill.
There is a pizza place just a few blocks away from where class was being held. A guy from church had talked about this place and that it had the BEST pizza ever! So I went there for lunch.

It had a lunch buffet. Pizza Hut is better. This place had CANNED PEAS in the noodle salad. I can't call it a pasta salad as it was loaded with mayo and was very sweet. CANNED PEAS! I still can't get over that. The pizza was not good. What can I say? It was greasy and all of them tasted kind of like each other.

I want a Thai Pizza from Glacier Brew House in Alaska.
I want a Canadian bacon/Pineapple, heavy on the mushrooms from Guido's Pizza in Alaska
I want a meatball sandwich from Pizza Olympia in Alaska.
I just want a good pizza!


  1. Darn, you should have asked me about that pizza place before going there. We went to one of those chain pizza places (Pizza Ranch)in North Dakota and it was awful cardboard pizza. It doesn't surprise me that you didn't like the pizza.

    Don't worry cuz sushi Wednesday is coming up....whoo hoo.

  2. I like the pizza I make at home way better than anything you can buy here. Since your the expert on Sushi in our family got a question for ya.... Why do most of the sushi houses in Anchortown put cucumber in every thing? The two I went to in TN didn't. Is it an Alaska thing or do the Japanese actually eat that much cucumber? I probably wouldn't mind if I could eat it but I take stuff apart just to make sure I'm not getting any which makes it hard to enjoy the rest.

  3. Jenny, maybe you are not getting the right kind of rolls? Or just tell them no cucumber. But now that I think about it, there was a lot of cucumber use up in AK

  4. food snob. Canned peas are yucky though - you need nice, crisp, petite peas for that kind of salad.

  5. I just had Thai pizza from Mooses Tooth last week. I think that may be my favorite!