Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bad start, good ending.

For Free! Black Cat. Harvey "broke" me this morning. He followed me around for about an half hour all the time going mew, mew, mew, meow? mew? Chrrip chhrip, mew, mew, mew, mew. He wanted to be in the lead so I was tripping over him. I broke while I was sitting on the edge of the tub, shaving my legs (I know TMI, get over it!) I shouted "SHUT UP!" (I might have said a bad word between the shut and up part, just saying, maybe) I then picked him up and tossed him outside so that he could cool of or more like so that I could cool off.

Then I got two mosquitoes bites on the top of each foot!

I also gave blood today. I have given lots of blood and I know I have veins that roll. I told the sticker girl that they roll, she said not a problem, she would get it on the first stick! NOT! It rolled and I had to look away as I saw her fishing for the vein under my skin. She finally got the vein and I was pumping and then the flow stopped, needle poked through the vein and went out the side. Had to pull in back in. My arm looks real nice now!

But the day was getting better. It was 78 at my house when I came home and I was happy to see that my chickens were outside! Yea! The got brave! They were clucking and scratching and acting like happy chickens.

Day kept getting better. I went out to dinner with my friends from work and we had sushi! These are my two plates. This first picture is a Godzilla roll. Shrimp and avocado.

This is a picture of the sushi plate.

I also had a Samurai Roll, but I didn't get a picture of that. I was stuffed! I mean stuffed like I had a big Thanksgiving dinner stuffed.
Then when I got home? All the chickens were back in the chicken pen. They know where home is at.


  1. I actually liked that sushi.

    Good little hens. Pretty soon they start clucking away laying eggs.

  2. Wow, nice pics! I think I'm ready for pretzels now!!!!!!!

  3. Bad Harvey! He is a bad boy, but he only does it because he loves you and wants to be your best friend. Why didn't you get another kitty while at the fair? Or why not take some of Kellie's home?

  4. 78 degress? Thats way too hot and it's still Spring!

    My blood draws go kinda like yours but last time it was too slow getting to the bag so we quit and I don't give blood anymore. I'm a turnip.

    That Harvey sounds like a pest. Although he does make good stories out of his antics!

  5. thats funny that you guys take pictures of sushi!!
    Was the buffett place on Old Seward open before you left (think its called China Lights -in the old Royal Fork building). they have pretty good sushi if you get there before its picked over. We've been eating it more lately, but not raw fish....


  6. Ohhhh, I want 78 degrees for spring. But you know how it is, we have to have snow for Easter and we've got it.

    Harvey needs a kitty to play with.


  7. Donating blood is a "pain", but I'm glad you do it. Just think how many lives you saved..

    Are the goats curious about the chickens? How about Harvey?