Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Addiction.

You all have heard about my love of certain shows that I may or may not be proud to admit that I am addicted to. You know, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and then I got hooked on True Blood, but I have only watched the 1st season as the 2nd and 3rd are not available on NetFlix.

Now I got hooked on Big Love and have just finished the 3rd season and I'm really bummed that season 4 is not out yet. Big Love was/is great! It's about the FLDS and polygamy. The show has had me laughing and yes, I have even cried a few times and it also makes me think.

I am now watching Dexter. I have only seen two episodes so far, not sure if I will get hooked on it but we will see.

And I am happy to see that Serenity, season 4, disc one is on it's way to me!

Just so you know, school sure cuts into my show watching!


  1. Don't forget, you aren't REALLY retired yet. Get a life. Do something besides watching old TV shows. Read a book!

  2. I just don't have time to watch all that TV, but Big Love does sound good.

  3. Isn't Dexter a scary show? The previews always make it look like a horror movie, lol....I have never seen it