Saturday, March 13, 2010

Craft Fair

Well, I didn't lose any money! That's a good thing and I did make a very small profit but there has got to be more then that for me to go to the next craft fair that this lady puts on. I was talking to some other vendors that have been in her shows and they all said that they are getting fewer and fewer people to them. I'm not sure if it's cause of the economy or if it's the location. The craft fair is held in a strip mall that has seen better days. Or maybe there is not enough advertisement being done?

What I saw at the fair that made me do a double take.
A little old lady and I do mean a little old lady wearing 4 inch heals! I bet she wore heals when she was younger as she was very height challenged and she was not going to give up those 4 inches no matter what!

Things that gets on my nerves at craft fairs.
People that look at your stuff and tell you that they want to buy this and that but, oh darn it, they forgot their money out in the car and will be right back. Who leaves their money out in the car in a parking lot? If you don't want to buy what I have, then don't. It's okay.
Also, it's a craft fair and I'm being nice because I have a table in it and I'm stuck, not because I find hearing all about your cousin's worthless daughter-in laws husband fascinating. Trust me, I could care less about it!

Why I wish I had somebody with me.
I had a flutter in my nose and I had nobody to ask if I "had a bat in the cave" (That's code for a bugger showing.) I just blew and blew until I felt that all was well. I did take a potty break during the 3 hour lull.


  1. You sound like a you had a horrible time Krissy!

  2. Well, I'm glad you didn't LOSE money today. Just wish you would have had a better day.

    Hey, you didn't see that older woman that wears a blond long-haired wig did you? She wears spiked heals too....and lots of make-up. I call her the Wal-Mart lady since I see her all the time while shopping at Wally World.

  3. Sorry today was such a pain Krissy. Do they have something like the Saturday Market in your area? That might be a great opportunity.

  4. Did you ever send Pioneer Woman some of your soaps??