Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Very Nice Day.

What a nice day we had. As you can see by the gage, it got to 60! After Church I went to the store and got all the making for Citrus Supreme Pie and also Coconut Cream Pie for PI day.
When I got home I let the girls out and we all sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine. I read my book for the book club and the girls wandered around and nibbled on this and that. I put some grain out for them and when they got done with that, Abby went in and licked the rest up. I think that Abby likes the molasses in the feed.

I noticed that the girls hooves needed to be trimmed so I tried to get them on the stand so I could trim them up. Both of them have forgotten all about how to get on the stand. I only got JuJu's back right hoof while she was laying down. I will start tomorrow, when they are hungry for their morning grain, getting them back up on the stand.

Also I will be getting my chickens in two weeks! On March 27th there is a live animal swap meet. It's in the town of Neilsville and starts at 6am. I will be there at 7am! I think it's about an hour plus drive. The goat lady will be gone but she is going to give me a list of what she wants my to buy for her. On her list I know is Flemish Rabbits. (?) I plan on getting 10 hens and 2 roosters. Maybe more then 10 hens, we will see. Being that this is my first time with chickens I don't what 50 right off the start. I still plan on getting the Cochin breed, they are the ones that will go broody so maybe later on I will have more chickens.


  1. Wow, all the animals were outside today, the goats, Harvey and Abby. Wasn't it beautiful?

  2. I finished American Gods today. What do you think so far?

    And 10 hens is a lot! I will be up to 14 hens and one rooster once my little peeps grow up. I already have egg buyers in line and have decided to not get too crazy. My chickens are entertaining! We totally love them! I'll be getting turkeys in April, I think. I'll be keeping a breeding trio and eating a couple too. So, we'll see how that goes!

    My! Your girls are looking rather round! I've been slowly shearing this past week and my supposedly pregnant does don't really look pregnant. They don't even pass for "in good condition" except for Honey. So much for end of Feb babies as it's now mid-March, right?

  3. You may get colder weather for stretches at a time, but spring sure does come much earlier for you! We had zero degrees at cabin and then it got warmer but really windy. Your goats look like pigs. Abbey does too...are you sure she's not part pig-goat? When are the goats due?

  4. Your girls look great! And "big with child".
    Good luck with the chickens. My nephew had chickens for about 3 years. They were really cute. That is until the bear got to them. :(

  5. One rooster should be enough to keep the girls happy, two is just gonna be a fight. Are you planning on selling eggs?

  6. Rina
    I'm not sure about the eggs, I know the breed that I want is not a heavy egg producer. I do wnat ot increase the flock size so I hope that the hens will go broody right away. I think your right 1 roo to 10 hens will be plenty. If the roo dies then I will be hurting if I want chicks. I would sell or give away eggs if I start getting to many.

  7. Looking forward to that pie! It will be so fun to have baby chicks at your house. I wonder what Abby will think?

  8. Boy you are in bannana belt!! Sanded/painted on porch rails Sat. w/short sleeves. Started snowing yesterday late afternoon and woke up to 6-8" of more wet snow - will be great for pastures/field but what a muddy mess it's been. Looks like ur gonna be milking pretty soon!!

  9. I've got one roo to (soon to be) 14 hens right now. If your roo were to die, you could probably find someone giving away a roo on craigslist. I want to add a second roo, but I'll be adding a Polish roo and moving my Polish ladies into their own home, away from my egg layers when I do that. Polish are very hard to find around here and the feed stores won't order them, so I'm going to raise some. Since they don't go broody, I'll use one of the other hens to sit the eggs. Or I'll have to get an incubator. One or the other.

    I like Polish because they look like Muppets!