Monday, March 15, 2010

I'm full.

I made the two pies today and brought them in to work. I enjoy being in the kitchen, while I was making pies I was just letting my mind wonder and I found myself thinking about cleaning out the goat pen soon! and getting all that "stuff" out on the garden.

There is an older man that comes in the library and when I bring in goodies I give him some. He became rather talkative today after he ate three slices of coconut cream pie. He wanted to make sure that I knew that St Patrick's day was coming up and then soon there would be Norwegian day but I could worry about that day later on. I said that I might not want to make pie and he said that I should not feel that I was stuck on any medium, that I should be as creative as I want to be!

I think I might make Irish Lamb Stew and bring him in a bowl, with soda bread. This man can be kind of cranky but I worry that he doesn't get enough to eat. He lives on his own and has no family that I know of. When ever I bring in stuff he really scarfs it down.
But the reason I'm full? Cause I ate a slice of both, and that doesn't count licking the bowls and there were a lot of bowls to lick! (Abby helped)


  1. They were so good!!! Thanks for the left overs. My boys were rubbing their tummies with delight!

  2. I'm glad I tasted both pies. Each pie was delicious.

    The old man scarfed down those pieces of pie in seconds....I watched him shovel pie into his mouth. Poor man. He acted like he was starving!!!!!

  3. oh Krissy...that would be so nice of you to make that old grouchy man some stew! Does he get nicer after each feeding?

  4. Both pies look yummy! I feel for the grumpy old man. It is very possible that if he is all alone he probably does not eat properly. It was good of you to share. I think stew and bread sounds REALLY good!
    Blessings Krissy.

  5. Both of your pies look yummy. Except for coconut cream - that doesn't even sound that good. Maybe you should start a food kitchen kind of thing and bring food every day for the hungry people.

  6. I'm withering away to nothing - please send cherry pie!!!