Saturday, March 6, 2010

Freezer Camp

Today was pig cutting and wrapping day. A large group of us processed 16 pigs. Part of the deal to keep cost down is that everybody that bought a pig is to come and help. Being that I got one I came and did my part. We worked from about 8.30am till 2pm. That was a lot of standing on my feet.

The work gets divided up. The men do the cutting and the woman do the wrapping. I have to admit, I got kind of irritated with some of the woman. Some of them stood around and did not help out that much. There was always paper to cut, tape to dispense and of course, meat to wrap. I felt for my friend Kellie, she's not a big meat eater and she was at the wrapping table the whole time. She had the job for a few hours of placing the cut up meat on plastic wrap and wrapping that up and sending it on to the paper wrapper. Her hands got icky with meat/blood. Poor thing.

They got the big, flat top grill fired up and started tossing fresh pork on it. I ate a lot of meat. Even some liver, which was very good. They had onions on the grill and put the liver on that and
I kept going back for more as it was so good. I normally do not care for liver (Yuck)

I ended up with 112lbs. I have roast, chops, steaks, side pork, and hocks. They did not do hams this year. Last year, they smoked the big hams, not sure why they didn't this year but that's OK. I really did not want a big ham or two. I just have more roast. (Roast with sauerkraut) Because I still have some 2009 hocks I'm going to make bean soup tomorrow. I tell you, home cut hocks are a lot meatier then store bought one. Oh, and I also got about 7lbs of ground pork. I just mixed it up with fennel seed, sage, red pepper flakes, garlic and salt. I will do a little taste test in the morning and adjust seasoning and then make patties and freeze them.


  1. Poor Kellie, Yeah Krissy! Look at all that meat. How you have a big freezer. I have never had pig liver but LOVE calves liver so I am sure it was yummy, especially with the grilled onions!!!

  2. Wow, that was a busy day. poo on lazy ladies. I bet their husbands were embarrassed that their wives didn't help as much.

  3. I'm proud of Kellie....I know that was hard for her. Hey, this is a woman that won't even eat an egg!!!!

    Wow, you have lots of meat Krissy. Ahhhhhh, you gonna make bean soup....good girl.

  4. Good job Krissy! And some great pictures!

    Doesn't that always seem to be the way, that there are some that don't do their share of the work? Sounds like Kellie was a real trooper in doing what needed to be done.

    Enjoy your pork

  5. Poor Kellie. I always hate handling meat. Whenever the guys get a deer I am so....out of the cutting up and wrapping process. I have a hard enough time cooking it.