Friday, March 5, 2010


I'm not freaking out.....yet. But next week is MID TERMS! I never ever had mid terms and the the following week is spring break. I have never ever had a collage style spring break either. And I think that it will stay that way. I am looking forward to a week of not having to go to class.

In the one class the the teacher said that we could bring in crib notes for the exam. Whatever notes we wont to bring in has to fit on one side of one half of a sheet or paper. I think that I can cram a lot of information a piece of paper that size. I used to cram a lot on a small slip of paper and stick it inside a Bic pen. Oh, that's for a Sunday Confession. Enough about that.

Tomorrow I will be wrapping pork. This time I bought a whole pig. My freezer will be full of pork. I hope I don't get tired of it to soon. I will be eating off that for a long time.

Well, enough for tonight. I need to go open some school book up.


  1. You'll be just fine for mid-terms Krissy.

    Wow, a whole pig? Hey, you could use some of the pork for bean soup!

  2. Get cracking on those books Krissy.
    See you bright and early tmw.

  3. Back to the Books! We are taking kids to cabin for spring break, coming back and then taking in-laws also. It's going to be a busy FUN week for us.