Thursday, March 4, 2010

You would think

I don't know if you all know, but I do have a rock collection. (I know, a little nerdy) It's not fancy, just rocks that I have found or bought over the years. Well, my Aunt Donna sent me some rocks!

The lower right one it petrified wood, the one on the newspaper? I'm sure it was a beauty but it did not survive the USPO, and you would think that a rock would! The upper right is a cut agate. The one that did not make it? I will put the bigger pieces on the window shelf in the kitchen and the smaller bit I will put in a jar with my other odds and ends. One of these belonged to my Grandpa that passed away many years ago. I hope it's not the broken one.

Totally off the subject. I'm going to get another cat. Harvey needs a cat friend. He is driving me and Abby nuts. I think I will go to the Animal shelter and get a cat, not a kitten. Kittens can always find a home but older cats have a harder time. We will see what I come home with. Not sure when I will do this but soon or I will have no cats at all!


  1. Cats are so much fun, I wish I wasn't deathly allergic to them! Love the rock collection!!

  2. aaah, Harvey will get a new friend. Is the rock that's all broken the one that Aunt sent? Too bad. It looks like it would have been pretty.

  3. Doesnt Kellie have more cats to give away?


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  5. The Humane Society is a perfect idea...they have tons of cats right now. Almost all my cats came from there.