Monday, March 22, 2010

Heebie jeebies

I got the heebie jeebies today. As I pulling Abby out of the truck (She likes being in the truck and sometimes wont come out) I was scratching her ears and I felt a lump. A tick like lump. Yep, it was a big fat juicy tick! I thought for a second and then I grabbed the tick and pulled it off.

I am so proud of myself! The first year, I would have to get a paper towel, as I could not bare the thought of any feeling of tick on me. Then last year I was able to use toilet paper (Much thinner) as the squisheness of the tick was not as bad. The year, bare fingers!

What is giving me the heebee jeebies is that both Abby and Harvey have been sleeping in bed with me with skin on skin contact! Trust me, I got the mirror out and did a tick check.
I washed the sheets and there will now be sheet between me and the pets. Abby has the Front Line tick stuff, I will get some anti tick stuff for for Harvey.

Oh, I got a phone call from the Humane Society, I have been denied for adopting the two cats as I could not provide a "safe" home for them! I was kind of mad, because I let my cat outside that I am considered unsafe? I know why they want them inside, I just do not agree with it. Unless I lived close to a road, busy street or in town I think that it is okay to let them outside.


  1. That darn Humane Society....they are so picky.

    Wow, ticks already!

  2. They would rather keep the cats in cages were they are "safe" then let them go to a home where somebody will pay for their food, vet bills and let them enjoy life, yes, some of which is outdoors. I'm worried about Harvey now, you aren't providing a safe enough home. Did you put plugs on all the electrical outlets? That makes it safer indoors. Fools!

  3. That's bizarre....I never realized how hard it must be to adopt a pet from them.

  4. Very strange those folks at the humane society. Poor cats could have had a nice home.

  5. Krissy! Thats terrible! I agree with Patty.. they'd rather leave them in cages? Snub your nose at them and adopt more of Kellies cats! :-)

  6. Same thing happened to us last August with another rescue. I got smart and just didn't tell the one we adopted George and Merlin from that we let the others outside. Heck, we even have one that chose to move outside permanently! Nice to have a barn cat. :)

    Good luck on finding your kitties! Or, maybe I should ship you a couple of mine!