Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Confession

A long time ago, in a land far far away (20 plus years ago and in Dutch Harbor AK) I worked for an airline called AirPac. was a ticket agent and on my birthday my co-workers all got together and rented a truck for me. You need to understand that most of us did not have cars and we walked or hitched or used the company car (Using the company car is a whole other confession!)

I got off work and got into the truck and a ramper wanted to me to give him a ride into town, no problem! This is Dutch Harbor we are talking about and any reason is a good reason to go "do" something! He had a gun, I think it was a 22 pistol and we were on a back road and he started to shoot at sea gulls. He got so into shooting the gulls that as he was tracking one, he brought the gun inside the truck and shot the gull through the front window! In my rental truck! Put a small hole in it! He was really sorry about that!

I had to turn the truck in the next day and what was I going to do about the hole in the window? I did not have money to pay nor did he. When I turned the truck in I played dumb, big time dumb! The asked about the hole and I said "was there when I got the truck" They said Okay, and that was that.

Yep, I lied! I did feel guilty for a bit but I got over it.


  1. What? You lied? Must have been in your youngin years!!!

    Just when I thought I heard it all, you surprise me again.

  2. You had a sinful streak for awhile, didn't you! Bad Girl! Do you ever feel guilty enough that you should pay restitution? I guess not, you haven't yet.

  3. Ha ha - was that Jack M. that did it??

  4. Ooh, I love that story! Keep those confessions coming, they are great!

  5. I'm glad to hear I wasn't the only bad girl in the family....makes me feel a little more "normal" in my old age.
    my definition of "normal" is a setting on my washing machine usually
    So what other dark deeds have you kept secret?????

  6. ps better hope no Federal fish n feathers gets ahold of this one as seagulls are federally protected hahahahaha

  7. And they believed you? I'd be a bit scared to ride with that guy.