Saturday, March 20, 2010


Got my tax's done today. Good thing I was sitting down when I was told how much I still had to give to Uncle Sam. One word, OUCH! I was bummed so I went to my friend Kellie's house and hung out with her. Had a few margaritas and dinner with her and the family. That was what I needed, we laughed and chatted and gossiped (In a good way) and just had a good time.

The past few post I mentioned the "sign of spring" and the "sound of spring" well, we can't forget the "smell of spring" I have passed some road kill skunks and nothing like the very fresh scent of that in the car! And Farmer Brown is out doing his dirt improvement, that wonderful smell of cow poop is out there for my to enjoy. Lucky me!

I did not hear from the Humane Society so I'm guessing that I am not qualified to adopt the cats.
I will make some other cats happy by adopting them and giving them a good home full of food, treats, petting, and vet care.


  1. Did you take the new $400 credit at the end of the tax form? Lots of people are missing it if they don't do it on a compute program which automatically captures it for you. Kathy missed it, but the IRS corrected it and sent her full refund.

  2. Yep, but that was just a drop in the bucket.

  3. That ouch sounds like it hurts. I'm glad you hung out at K's house. When I read you drank a couple margaritas.....I said whoo, it must be bad.

  4. We'll find you some cats - no worries.

    The Margaritas were delicious too.

  5. Too bad about the tax ouch. Sounds like you found a good way to forget the pain.

    Maybe you should give the HS a call. It seems strange that they never called you back to let you know.