Monday, March 8, 2010

Old nursery rhyme.

Three drowned mice, three drowned mice.
See how they float, see how they float.
Into the water bucked they all jumped
I wonder if they knew they were doomed?
Did you ever see such a sight?
As three drowned mice.

Goat bucket 3.
Cats 0.
Today Harvey snagged the one in the first picture and ran off under the porch with it. I wonder if I smelt his breath if it would smell mousy?


  1. Like your twist on the Three Blind Mice....poor little fellas.

  2. One of my cats has become smitten with the goats. Of course, as a teeny kitten, he liked to sleep in the litter box! Well, what's to be expected of motherless, handraised kittens?

    Recently, he's been catching mice and bringing them to the goats in the barn instead of to me. In some ways I'm relieved, in others, more grossed out. I think I preferred it when the cats would leave dead things for Luna to eat.

  3. Who needs a mouse trap when you have buckets!!!!! You sure catch a lot of mice in your buckets.

  4. ok, that's kind of sick. but funny.

  5. Hasn't this happened before?