Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Yippie Skippy

I am done with school due to Spring Break. I had that big test last night and still have not received any information on what my grade is. I feel that I did okay but not sure. I don't have to go back for classes till March 22nd. We did get homework to do over the spring break that is due March 22 for the Written Communications class. I will try and get that done this week so that I have a whole free week.

In my Intro to Psychology we did not get home work but we did get told about a very large project that we have. We had to get into to teams of two to four students. My team is the girl on the right of me and the boy on the left of me. I say girl and boy as they are both so young! Each team was assigned a chapter ( We have memory ) and at the end of the chapter there are a bunch of questions ( We have 12) for each question we have to provide a video clip, and a picture or graphics that represents each question. ( That's 12 video clips) Write a short story about our subject. Make a 10 question quiz for our classmates. Propose three significant questions about our subject that can be tied in with our real life settings with family,work and community.
And this all needs to be put on Power Point.

For this class I was thinking that we could pull some funny and not so funny clips from the movie 50 first dates and also the movie Memento. If you have not seen Memento yet, I will tell you, run, don't walk and get the movie now! Then watch it again, as it is kind of confusing the first time.

We are supposed to make our presentation alive, creative and easy to follow.

Can you think of other movies or T.V. programs that are/were about memory?


  1. How about "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind", it's got Jim Carrey in it.

  2. I'll plug my brain in and start thinking!!!

  3. I'll have to check out that Memento movie, sounds interesting.

    Hope your group project goes well.

  4. don't forget about copy right laws..look into what you have to do to use movie clips.
    that is a big project. That is not fare to give that to let you know about it before spring break. isn't spring break suppose to be a break. now those that are responsible will be thinking about it the whole "break".