Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sugar Overload

Tonight at the library we had a family come and perform for us. They play Celtic music, very toe tapping music. For the shindig, the library served pie. We had a lot of left over pie. I don't know what it is about certain types of people, but some people can actually say NO to pie?! It goes against my religion to not eat pie. Now I can feel the sugar humming in my system. I have an urge to eat carrots or celery sticks. But those are things that are not in my fridge.

We did have a small turn out and I believe that it was due to the rain that we have been having for the past two days and also, the add in the paper said that the group was playing at a different library! I hope that not to many people went to the wrong one!

On the homework front.
I have two of the four papers done for the Written Comm class. I have the outline done for the third paper, just need to turn that into a rough draft. The forth project? I'm not sure about it. I will have to go back to the teachers online lectures and see if I can find instructions on what she wants us to do. I do not like hybrid classes!

I am going to be in another craft fair this Saturday. I think that it's going to be a dud. The person that is the coordinator now is just getting back to me with questions that I had. I have not seen any advertisement in any local papers. I don't think that I will bring all the soap, maybe six bars of each scent. That will be enough to fill the table.


  1. It was a good night. My toes, fingers and legs just wouldn't stop tapping. Celtic music is my favorite!

    I'm going to be bold here and say people in Colfax just don't appreciate culture. It doesn't surprise me that hardly anyone showed up for the program tonight. I've been dealing with this for almost ten years's the people in the community, trust me. I get so disgusted and so tired of always trying!!!!

  2. I had a tummy ache all night last night...too much pie.

    Along with tt I get frustrated about people not coming to events. What more could they want, a great free event at your library with free food?

  3. Sugar Overload? NEVER!!!!!It's just not possible. When it comes to fruit pies, I have no problem in saying no. I only eat chocolate, lemon, pumpkin and coconut pies. Oh and butterscotch.