Tuesday, March 2, 2010

School and a surprise.

I am really enjoying my Exploring Psychology class. I have gotten used to the teachers accent so that is no longer a problem. She used her accent as a learning lesson about how the mind will adapt so that no student can use her accent as a reason for not doing homework in her class. (Smart Teacher)

We reviewed chapter 5 today and watched some videos. I am just amazed at how our eyes and ears work. Did you know that you really do not "see" with your eyes or "hear" with your ears? Your eye only takes things a far as the retina and then it all gets turned in to electrical impulses that travel to your brain. The reason I bring that up is that we watched a video that had a woman "seeing" with her tongue! She was blind from birth but they were able to translate electrical impulses of "seeing" and with practice she was able to "see" with her tongue. She was amazed that she was able to "see" a candle flame flickering.

Also we did a little bit on chapter 6. One part of the chapter was about dreams. Of course there were some people that just had to share their dreams. I felt bad for them, boring dreams! I have dreams about Capt Kirk and I being in a alien prison that nobody have ever escaped from. Spock shows up and with Vulcan technology is able to get us out and we race off in a red convertible that has dual jet engines in the back, oh, and it floats. (Maybe I'm a nerd?)

This came in the mail today from Oregon Sunshine, she sent this for Abby's birthday. Abby really likes them. Harvey that cat likes them too, but they are for Abby and she wont share.
Thanks OS! That was really nice of you. Abby gives you a big lick!


  1. Poor Harvey, I will just have to send him a special something!!

    Krissy, i think something is wrong with your Pi poll, that sound nasty but you know what I am talking about..

    Anyway, it does not seem to register my vote. Just thought you should know.

  2. Oregon Sunshine is nicer than me. I didn't even send your dog a card for her birthday. I love Janice' comment. It isn't working. I've voted a couple times and each time I do it takes a number from one of the other ones, most notably the peanut butter pie. So that one gets less as Key Lime gets bigger. Pi Poll. ha ha ha ha

  3. Do you really have dreams like that? All detailed and vivid like that? Sounds fun and adventuresome albeit a tad nerdy.

  4. Awww! Abby is more than welcome!

    I voted for more than one pi on the poll. However, I selected more than one pi at once, not just one pi and then another. Perhaps that's what you need to do to vote for more than one? Make multiple selections at the same time?

    Reset your options, Ladies, and try making multiple selections before you hit submit!

  5. Alicia - you shocked me, I did not know things like that could come out of your fingers - I always thought you were the "good" twin!!!!!!

  6. sorry to shock you Janice...and really I am still the "good" twin...just got carried away with the whole "shut your pie hole" saying. It sounds like it's the bad kind of naughty but really it's not. But yeah...that might've shocked my mommy too so I'll be more careful.