Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A sound of spring.

I had to call it a sound because I don't have any pictures of all the motor bikes that I saw on the road today. All kinds of Harley's and a slew of rice rockets. Even saw a tricycle today. While in the library I heard a few Harley's go by, yes, they were Harley's, you can tell by the sound that they make.

Another sound of spring? The cranes are back! I had a couple land in the corn field behind my house in the early evening and they made a racket. Right now I don't mind the noise as it is announcing spring, but in a week or so I might get cranky if they wake me up in the morning.

Being that it was another nice day today, when I got home I let the girls out and I made a few trips to the garden with the wheel barrow full of stuff. No, not the pen stuff, just raked up the hay that the goat's didn't eat over the winter when I put it outside (Nice days) and the hay that was spilled in the garage.


  1. I'm glad the girls could get out today to enjoy the sunshine.

  2. It seems like spring comes all in a rush there. It's not fair! I still have 3 feet of snow on each side of the driveway!

  3. I agree w/Patty - it's not fair!!
    In 60's last 2 days and supposed to be in 70's today (Pueblo temps.)
    then storm moving in tonight thru Saturday - so they say.