Thursday, March 18, 2010

Call me Crazy!

Crazy cat lady that is! No, I don't have a new cat(s) yet. I went to the county humane society and filled out the paper work to adopt a cat(s). I got very depressed while I was there because there was not one, not two, but 3 rooms with cats up for adoption! How do you pick a cat when all the cats are cute and need homes? I asked the staff person which cat has been there the longest and she took me to a cage that had two cats in it. Pluto is a gray,short haired male and Prince is a tabby, short haired female. Why her name is Prince? I have no ideal! They both have been there awhile, both are about two years old. Prince is very shy and Pluto is outgoing.

One big problem, I don't lie, or I should say, I try very hard not to lie. They asked about my other pets and I said that both my cat and dog are inside pets but that they both are allowed to go outside whenever they want. And that when I'm gone they are inside. I could see that this was not the answer that they wanted so I did not admit that Harvey has been outside all day while I'm at work as he wont come inside when I call him now that we are having nice weather.
They only want the cats to be inside cats 100% of the time.

Click here and then click on Just Cats and then go to the 3rd page where Prince and Pluto have their pictures and a little information about them.

They are going to call up my Vet for a reference and let me know later on today or tomorrow if I will be able to adopt them. Oh, it's also adopt one get one free right now. If they disapprove I will look for some kittens that need a home. I would rather adopt a cat that needs a home then a kitten, as kittens most always can find a home, older cats are harder to place. I wish that they (the people) could understand that I would be a safe and happy place for these two cats. My home would be so much better then them being in a cage. We will see.


  1. crazy cat lady!! 3 cats? maybe these older ones can teach Harvey a thing or 2...maybe mellow him out!!

  2. Kick Harvey outside permanently and I will send you birds!! So how is the Scentsy?? Do you like the scents I sent??

  3. Good for you Krissy! They are cuties.

  4. Aw, they're so cute - I hope you get them!

  5. You ARE a crazy cat lady! You probably should keep them indoors until they get to know you better, then just let them out for short periods. They could run off and then when they get picked up and taken back to the animal control place you will be in trouble.

  6. I hope you get them two puddy cats. We have 6 cats atm, our old man Chester died a while back.

  7. PakArt, I would keep the new cats inside for a good time, till they know that this is where all the food and water and love and treats are at.

  8. How could they turn you down? Hope you're able to get Prince and Pluto..cute names.

  9. We had the same problem here. Only, I didn't tell the rescue we adopted George and Merlin from that our other cats go outside. Guess we lied by not disclosing everything. HOWEVER, George and Merlin DO NOT go outside. Merlin is pure white and well, has brain damage. He would not know to avoid a diving hawk. George, well, he's health compromised with his heart murmur and advanced age. Neither of them are interested in going outside anyways.

    Here are a couple other thoughts for you:

    1. Check with your local animal control. There, cats do get the pink juice. Adopting one of those will save a life or two.

    2. Check on craigslist. There are always cats that need homes, BEFORE they make it to the pound.

    You cannot possibly be the crazy cat lady as I have 6, count 'em, SIX cats and am considering taking on another in need. Because, well, I can. We have space and can afford it.

  10. we will let you know when you reach the crazy mark. You are a long way off. You know me..always blunt.
    That is nice you are going to get a couple more.