Friday, April 30, 2010


I am starting to fret about my goats. I will take a picture soon and show you how big they are getting! Poor Juju, she grunts when she lays down, really grunts and makes a show of getting back up. Both of the girls have developed their bags. What I am fretting about is

1. I have to learn to milk a goat!
2. I still have not gotten them to get up on the stand!
3. They are going to have babies soon!

Maggie is due next week on May 5th but think that it's Juju that is due May 5th. I think that when I sent them out on their "date" that the goat lady got them mixed up and Juju got breed first then Maggie. But it really doesn't matter, there will be cute kids running around soon.
Anybody want a goat?

Switch of subject. My sister, PakArt has a birthday today! She is the big 50. She is telling everybody she's 49 but she lies! I thought that I would "out" her because, isn't that what little sisters do?

Another switch of the subject. I will have a booth at the local farmers market! For 50 bucks I have a booth every Saturday for four months. And another plus, the market this year, got moved to the fair grounds, I will have a booth during the fall fair at no extra charge. Not a bad deal.


  1. Wow, you could have little kids very soon. No, I don't want a goat.

    Hummmm, little sisters are suppose to show respect to their elder siblings. Geez Krissy!

  2. Kris - you may need remedial math classes next at your college. I was born in 61, do the math. Maybe you are so frazzled with your goat drama that you can't calculate dates very good. Maybe if you'd been putting the goats on the stands instead of watching entire seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in one night you would have more time to teach the goats how to get on their stands.

  3. Pak-Art, Oh, I know what year you were born in, you're tying to hide your real age, i talked to your hubby last night, I know the truth!

  4. I can't wait to see the babies. You will figure out the whole milking thing, don't worry.

    49 or 50? Whatever, I hope she has a good bday.

    The market will be fun, I bet.

  5. Happy Birthday to Patty. My sister just turned 49 on Tuesday. And yes, she was born in 1961 too!

  6. I am sure your goat lady will help you learn to milk the girls. Did you go to the animal sale today? I hope you get some good layers and a great rooster! How about chicks?

    PS Be nice to Patty....

  7. Calm down goat lady, I'm sure everything will be fine. Soon the little kids will be running around and you'll be milking away.

  8. I'm fretting over my goatie girls too. No idea when Honey is due, Swirly is due mid-June and the other two following that. I'm just anxious!

    Since Swirl is a pygmy and the babies really do better with pygmy milk than supplement (has to do something with bone density), I plan on waiting to milk her until the babies are about 3 weeks old and starting to eat grain and hay. Then, I will milk her once a day and supplement the babies at that time, so they have a good start on growth.

    I need to build a stand and teach Swirl to stand on it, but I figure I still have a bit of time yet.