Sunday, May 2, 2010

Buying chickens

On Saturday I went to the mighty town of Thorp, where they have a small animal auction every first Saturday of the month.

This time I was a buyer, not a "Looky Lew" My bid number was 233. This is the first time that I was a buyer. I was worried that I might scratch my nose and end up buying a pig! I went with the goat lady and I had to have her tell my what the price was on things as I could not figure out what the auctioneer was saying. This is what I heard.

Haba, haba, haba, ting, ting, ting, SOLD! Five dollars. What?! How did that sound like five?! That's why I needed help.

We left before they started selling the goats. There were two pens full of goats about this age. Some of them looked in really bad shape, some looked okay. The other pen had a very nice LaMancha goat. I was petting her. She was very sweet and a very pretty brown color.

Here is a picture of the rooster I bid on. I wanted a Cochin and he is, just that he's a bantam! I did not want that but by the time I figured he was a bantam, I heard SOLD for four dollars to 233! He is a Gold lace Cochin. He's very pretty.
There was also two pens full of baby goats. Very cute but I will have my own cute baby goats soon.

I also bought eight more hens. They are not Cochin's. They are sex linked Rhode Island Reds and Black Stars. Nine dollars each. They have been laying eggs! From the time I have gotten them home I have gotten 10 eggs from them so far. They are using the roost that I built and also the get up into the nest boxes.
No baby goats yet. I keep thinking that when I go out to take care of the girls that they might have babies with them.


  1. Krissy,

    As long as your "little man" does his job, does it matter that he is a bantam? (That just means he is little, right?) What color eggs are you getting? Maybe then new girls will inspire the "home team"!

    I don't know if you heard the news but Bill Green was killed in a motorcycle accident last night. Steve announced it in evening church. The news report said he hit the median. Very sad for Gail, the family and friends left behiind but Bill is worshiping at the Throne!


  2. I like to look at all your animal pics. You should take another pic of the girls before they burst. Front view so we can see how their sides are sticking out. Miss you!

  3. That's a lot of egg's everyday. Are you getting tired of them yet?

  4. I've been resisting banty Polish. I love Polish, but I want chickens that can hold their own with my larger birds. However, banties are cute!

    I don't hear very well when there's a lot of background noise so I should take someone with me if I go to the auction. Thanks for the reminder!

    Are you going to make cheese this year?

  5. I've stopped going to auctions. I want to buy every goat and sheep that goes by.

    I have two bantam roosters and a full size. They all get along and all do their jobs. So that's all that counts.