Tuesday, May 4, 2010

End in sight!

Next week is the last week for school! I do have a big final on the 11th of May and I also have to give a speech. You know what one nice thing about being older is? I no longer have stage fright!
I really don't give a flying (insert your word here ) about what the young students think of me nor am I trying to impress some boy. I chose to give a speech then write one more paper. I am papered out. Poke me with a fork and call me done.

I looked into going to summer school. I was late in registering and what few classes that were offered were full. Also, they take 16 weeks of class, and cram them into 8 weeks. The classes meet more per week and were longer. My boss said that she would/could work around it but I need what hours I can get. This all means, no summer school for me. I'm so, so bummed! NOT!

But I am bummed, I heard that there will be another person at the Farmers Market this summer that will be selling goat milk soap. This market is not that big, it will be tough with two of use.

No baby goats yet. I need to get some batteries for the camera and I will take some pictures of the girls as they are "heavy with kids" No triplets please!


  1. You've worked hard on your classes @ tech school, so I think you will be ready for a summer break.

    Get that camera ready cuz you never know when those kids (babies) are coming!

  2. Taking summer off sounds good to me.

    I keep checking your blog to see when the babes arrive. Do you know how many kids are expected?

    Maybe when the other soap seller finds out who the competetion is she will change her mind!

    Blessings to you all...

  3. Are the online classes full too? Does that mean this fall you will have to take more classes to stay on the completion schedule you want?

  4. Schools out for summer! I'm kind of proud of you for going back to school. Take pics of the goats. It's going to be too late very soon!

  5. schools out for summa!!

    What are you going to give a speech about? Age didn't/won't cure my fear of it.

    I can't believe it's been two years since you've been gone. It's almost time for a visit!!

  6. That's awesome that u are almost finished this term at school already! I'd be glad there is no summer school for you - who wants to sit inside classrooms while it's so nice outside??

  7. Krissy,

    I went to write you an email and then discovered that when I got this new iMac, I lost your email address. Please write me so I have it once again.

    S dot