Wednesday, May 5, 2010

No babies yet.

Here's one of my new hens.
This is Maggie, she's due today.

This is Juju, she is due next week
but I think that she is the one that is really due today.
I think that the breeder got the girls mixed up.

Maggie and Juju getting along.

Call me goat whisperer. When I got home and went to check on the goats, Juju and I had a moment. She and I touched noses for a a few minutes while I petted her. She made soft
little maaa, maaa sounds.


  1. I think you're right about the dates. JuJu looks MUCH larger or else she's carrying more kids. Triplets or quadruplets.

    Your chickies are pretty. I love your sunny weather, it looks pretty there.

  2. Love your new background! Poor JuJU - can she get much larger? Maggie does NOT look like she is ready to delivery. Your new hen is a beauty - do they all look like that?


  3. So are they both bagged up about the same?? Poor girls - I can sympathize with them!! What a pretty hen you have.

  4. Thats sweet, your little bonding moment with Juju. They don't look like they'd have wet or dampish noses (like dogs) and they probably wouldn't try to lick ya like a dog would. Just a bit goaty smelling I bet.

  5. also...I like this background the best...even better than the leaves.

  6. At least you have an IDEA of when yours are due. I was told end of Feb and I'm still waiting! Honey is huge, but not bagging up. We can sometimes see the babies kick and then she gets cranky.

    Reminds me, I should pull her out to graze soon.

    Swirly is due mid-June, Blah-Blah is due the end of June and Beatrice is due in July, I think. I saw the Nuzz get her again but didn't write the date down as she was supposed to already be pregnant!

  7. Nice looking hen. Are the girls bagged up much? Dripping milk?

    I agree, this background is nice.

  8. What does "bagged up" mean?