Thursday, May 6, 2010


I came home this evening at about 8.30pm. I saw Juju, still with her big round belly and thought, noop, no babies yet. Then I looked again, did a double take and saw that I had two little babies in the big outside goat pen! Maggie had her babies! I guess that the goat lady did not make a mistake. I ran inside the house, grabbed the flashlight, got half way to the pen and ran back to the house to plug in the power cord as I have a heat lamp set up in the goat pen. I went into the goat yard and picked up the babies and put them in the goat pen/stall with the heat lamp. Both babies are fluffy and dry. They were walking and crying out in the yard and in the stall they kept walking around and crying! I fed the big goats.

I have not seen them nurse yet. And when Maggie was eating her grain, one of the babies went to her, she side stepped him and went back to her grain. I hope that she is a good mama. I don't plan on bottle feeding them. My plan is to let them nurse for a few days to get the good stuff that they need and then the babies and I will share Maggie's milk. (Just so you know, the one baby did NOT nurse on the other. It tried but didn't)

I will check on them one more time tonight and see if all is well. I don't want to keep bugging them and getting anybody upset.


  1. Oh Krissy, how exciting! Yeah, the first batch of babies have arrived. Whoo hoo!

  2. How wonderful! The babies are darling - thank you for such great shots of them...

  3. Fantastic news Krissy!! They sure are cuties!! Hope Maggie is a good mother. Did she let them nurse at all that you saw?

  4. How cute are they!! Congrats Krissy!!

  5. They are very cute! I can't believe that both of those came out of sweet little Maggie. She didn't look big enough to have them both.

  6. Do you get to take time off from work cause you have babies? Kind of like Maternity leave? :-)
    They sure are cuties...

  7. Dear Krissy,
    Just beautiful! It looks like twins still run in the family. Can you tell if girls or boys?
    Love, Mom

  8. Hi Krissy
    Congradulations on your babies. They are very cute.