Friday, May 7, 2010

Are they eating?

The camera has died. I need to go out and get some batteries tonight. The baby goats have been alive now for 24 hours. I would think that Maggie is letting them eat. When I got home and checked on them, both babies where up and walking around and crying.

I had to unload 5 bags of grain and that caused both Juju and Maggie to get up and check it out. I blocked the goat stall so that they are all stuck inside and can't get out. It is about 38 at my house and raining. It's been very cool all day and I was worried that if the babies got out of the stall and into the yard that they might not be able to get back in. And goats aren't like cats and dogs that can pick up babies by the neck and carry them around.

Switch of topic.

How much should I sell my free range eggs for? I am getting eight a day. I have paid two dollars for them from somebody else last year. ( A few times) A patron at the library asked how much and when I said two dollars she said that was way to high, she buys from this other lady and only pays one dollar. I know some people that sell for two and some sell for one. I'm not trying to get rich off the eggs and I don't want to end up having doz and doz of eggs in the fridge. get yucky, old, caged chicken eggs at Walmart for 1.39 a doz. These are fresh, free range eggs.
Should they be worth a little more then Walmart eggs?

What would you pay for them?


  1. First of all congrats on your new additions!!

    Second...a buck!?? I don't think so.Around here I get 2.50 a doz and I'm undercharging. Most are charging 3-4$ a dozen. But I guess it all depends on where you live.

  2. $2/doz....especially if you hand deliver the eggs to the person like in my case. My egg lady brings them to my workplace. You can't get better service than that!

    Hope the little kids are getting plenty to eat.

  3. Holy crap! I would gladly pay $2 for your eggs! To get organic, free range eggs,we pay up to $5.49! Hell yes! Give me some $2 eggs.

    Your kids are sooooooo cute.

  4. You can't always believe a potential customer when they tell you your price is way too high.. that's something P. does ... you have to learn the area prices yourself so you know what's a fair price and then you set your price and that's THE price...

    S dot

  5. I'd pay $2 bucks. I agree with Sandy - don't believe the customer who get them cheaper elsewhere. Let her. I think I'm paying more than $2 right now and mine are weeks old, barely yellow, not perky, and sometimes cracked eggs.

  6. $2 and up is the going price on this side of the state, and I gladly pay it. Waaaay better than the 20 day old flavorless eggs from the store.

    How much snow did you get? We've got enough to cover the lawn. Derned Ma Nature!

  7. Glad you kids are doing well.

    2 bucks a doz is reasonable, but up to you. Take them to your market thing today and see how easily you can sell them.

  8. Never underprice your eggs....if she thinks they are too expensive, she can go buy the horrid walmart eggs....

    I agree with taking them to the farmer's market and seeing what others there are charging.

  9. I agree with Patty and the others about the price of eggs. In Anchorage fresh eggs can go for double your asking price - and they do NOT deliver!
    LOVE fresh eggs. After eating fresh out of the chicken eggs store bought can barely be called "eggs"!
    Hope you took eggs to the market today. now you can be the eggy soap lady!

    Do you know the sex of the kids?
    Will you keep them and start a "goat farm"?

    Blessings, Janice