Monday, April 26, 2010

Two brids, one stone

Yes, I know that there are no birds in the picture! (It's just a expression. I'm using it as it's two news things in one picture.) I, at the age of 45, have bought my very first umbrella! It's purple, my favorite color. Now I want some rain so I can give this bad girl a spin! Meet Willow, who is a girl, who is really a boy, but I'm pretty sure she's a girl. ( There was some problems with knowing what she was when she was younger) She has come out from the under the bed and is making herself known. (I now have two very chatty cats! Arruugghhh!!) She thinks that Abby is in cahoots with the devil and she avoids Abby like the plague. I like her white tippy toes in front and her knee socks on the back legs. And she has very nice white whiskers.

She has shown an interest in going outside but I will keep her in for a few more weeks. She is still skittish when a door bangs, the phone rings and the dog barks. If she got out and was frightened, I don't think that I would be able to catch her. Until she calms down, she is an inside kitty.

Oh, and she is a pig! I am astounded with the amount of kat krunchies that she puts away.


  1. Aunt Krissy, are you a goat? Do you think you're made out of sugar? I don't think you'll melt in a little rain! What do you need an umbrella for? :P

    Willow is a cutie! Yes! Give her more time to settle in and more time to adjust to Abby.

    I was just asked to take on another cat that was abandoned at some apartments. I dunno... Somehow, I think I'm a sucker.

  2. OS, yes, I am spun sugar! I know, up in AK nobody had an umbrella but I have now been caught in some heavy down pours and I don't like coming to work with my hair and shirt plastered down!

  3. Wonderful new umbrella Krissy! Don't forget to put it in your truck!

    Sweet Willow, give her a good rub for me.

  4. Well, I think it all comes down to her boss. I think THE BOSS is rubbing off on Krissy...skorts, new shirts, sandals, a new braclet, and now a new purple umbrella. She will be a Wisconsinite before you know it, HA!

  5. Are you wearing skorts now too? My, my, you have changed.

    She's little brave Krissy, little brave krissy, dressed in the prettiest clothes. Her jacket is red, her skort is blue, a purple umbrella and sandel shoes. She's little brave krissy, little brave krissy, dressed in the prettiest clothes.