Sunday, April 25, 2010

Two years

As of Friday April 23rd I have been here in Wisconsin for two years. I did do homework over the weekend (about 5 hours worth) but besides that, I have been doing some thinking and reflecting.

Am I happy that I moved here to Wisconsin?
Yes and No.
Yes, because I like my new lifestyle. I don't have the stress like I used to have. If I was still up in AK I would still have my old job, and not much would have changed for me other then I would have been older. I was in a rut and had no way out (That's how I felt at the time)

I would probably still be renting and not owing my own home as the market up there is not in the slump like it is here.

I would not have the daily laughs I get from the goats as they crack me up. It's hard to be in a bad mood with goats. Also I enjoy watching my chickens. I like how they come running to me now as they have learned that I am the tosser of grain.

I really enjoy my job at the library. True, it's not as challenging as my old job was but I was getting so tired of challenges! (Like the pilot that jumped up and down in anger because I was not seeing it his way) I like talking to people about books. I do have a bad habit in that I'm the Series Nazi! When patrons come to the counter to check out a book, if it's a series I let them know that they are reading it out of order and they should NOT do that. It really does bother me. There are a few patrons that ask me to help them pick a book out. I like to find out what they like and see if I can match a book to them. Yes, we have had some cranky patrons but not a one has tried to hit me, cuss me out or threatened to get me fired. When all is said and done, I look forward to going to work each and every day.

I would not be going back to school if I was up in AK still. While I don't enjoy all the homework I do like learning and so far, so good.

Some of the no reasons about moving to Wisconsin.

I am broke. I made a heck of a lot more money up in AK then I do here. I try not to worry about it as I knew I would be poor with what I'm doing but still I worry. But I then tell myself that money does not buy happiness. ( I have a 2 to 3 year plan )

I miss friends and family. Yes, I have my Kellie here who is like a sister to me and that helps a lot. But I do miss my sisters and Mom and Dad. It's hard sometimes not having family close by.

I thought that I would miss my cabin that I had but I don't. I feel left out when I see my sister and BIL are going up to the cabin for a few days of fun but other then that I don't. I think that the reason is that going to the cabin was an escape from work and here I don't feel the need to escape.

To sum it up, the scale of happiness is still tipped in Wisconsin's favor.


  1. Yeah Krissy! It sure has been a fast 2 years too hasn't it?! I love it that you are here, but I can understand missing the family also.

  2. We miss you too! It's hard to believe you've been gone for two years. I'm glad you are happy down've got the BIL retirement plan too, don't forget that.

  3. I'm glad you moved to Wisconsin Krissy. You have a great home, super fun animals and the freedom to take a nap whenever you want!

  4. I miss you too Krissy but your life is an adventure! You are a an amazing woman and a little part of me is envious! I see pictures on Kellie's site that show fruit trees in bloom and I wonder; Why is si I live here? Especially when it snowed so hard this week I could not see your apartment!
    Blessings to you and your new life.

  5. I miss you lots womb mate!! Sniffle sniffle

    But you are happy being "outside" and I'm happy that you blog just about every day!!

  6. And if you hadn't moved....
    1. You wouldn't have learned to make goatmilk soap.....
    2. Be able to do the same type of road trips.....
    3. Made the new friends.....
    Hard to be away from family at times but just think when Patty/Tim retire how much closer they will be!!

  7. It seems like you've been here longer than two years. I'm sure glad you came to WI. At work you always make me laugh and that in a friend is priceless.

  8. It's taken 3 years for the scale to be tipped in Oregon's favor for me. I was so horribly homesick for Alaska! I hated my brief stay in Washington when Carlile transferred me.

    I am finally happy here at last. And here I think I'll stay.