Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You ever?

This morning I went into the fridge and grabbed the eggs and some cheese as I was going to make scrambled eggs and cheese for breakfast. I got them out, shut the door and paused and opened the door again and took another look. Yep, there was a blender in the fridge. I'm not sure why I put the clean blender there. I used it on Sunday when I made a salad dressing and washed the dishes that Sunday night and put them away Monday morning. Have you ever put something away in a really wrong spot?

Just so you know, this was not a staged photo. (Yes Patty, my fridge is that clean!) But the head of lettuce behind the blender is getting slimy! That jar above the blender is my last jar of pickled beets. Good thing the farmers market is going to starting soon. Beets wont be available yet but asparagus is a spring crop and I am going to get lots of them and pickle them up. I also have 4 jars left of my spicy dilled green beans. I am going to make more of them this year.


  1. First - that fridge is too scary clean.

    Second - bring out the dilly beans! Yum!

    Third - My mother once made a huge dinner of chop suey - we loved chop suey as kids. She put the chow mien noodles in the fridge and the chop suey in the cupboard. We still remind her of that.

  2. Oh yeah, I've done some goofy things like that, but I can't remember what, where or when! HA, so much for my memory.

  3. Once I bought a jar of oysters to make oyster stew. I put them in the cupboard instead of the fridge. Cans would have been ok. Not jars - it was supposed to kept refrigerated. I was afraid it would explode while I carefully put it in the trash.

  4. Wow your fridge is clean! And it hardly has anything in it! Ours is loaded all the time

    I once made a glass of chocolate milk, and put the milk in the cupboard and the Nestle Quik in the fridge!